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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Spring batch #2

Okay lol! I JUST finished the Spring batch #1 post when the doorbell rang. Huzzah, batch 1 (now called Spring batch #2) GET! I’ll show you the box now, which is a much better and safer way to send stuff, unlike the previous post…


But wth, even this awesome box is dented?! Well luckely this eBay seller (now officially my favorite eBay seller) knew how to do things right and also bubblewrapped the boxes and threw in some newspapers to absorb the dents! I’ll post pictures tomorrow~

Spring batch #1

Look at that, the first batch to arrive turns out to be batch 2 of yesterday’s update!


I took the above photo at work with my iPhone (a snackbar, which is right next to the supermarket I picked my package up). I’m actually surprised by the quality for a 2MP camera 🙂 Anyway… This doesn’t look really strong, does it? This’ll surely leave a dent in my boxes, I’m afraid… Let’s find out!
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eBay shopping

Okay, I’ve been shopping on eBay for the last few weeks and bought some figurines! I’ll list them in three batches, because I ordered them of two different sellers. Batch 1 and 3 are of the same seller, but it had a week in between, so batch 1 was already sent when I ordered batch 3. Okay, I got a flyer in my mailbox today they tried to deliver  this package. Since no one was home, I have to pick it up at our nearest supermarket (yeah… post offices are gone in Holland, so supermarkets are getting little post offices instead…) I’m guessing it’s Batch 1, but we’ll know for sure tomorrow 😉

Well here they are:

Batch 1:

172figma #003 Saber

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Diamond? Pearl? How about some Platinum?

Okay, I’ve been shopping online a LOT the last three weeks. I bought 8 figures off eBay (I’ll post which tomorrow), but also pre-ordered a new game 8D And sure enough, I got a nice envelope of Play-Asia yesterday.

Oooh, what ever could it be?

Well… Pokémon Platinum of course!

*Zelda victory tune*

I started Pokémon Diamond with Chimchar and Pokémon Pearl with Turtwig, so I chose Piplup as my new starter! I’m going to do it a bit differently though, I’m only going to use Water-type Pokémon!

So far I have 3 badges and my team include Prinplup, Gyarados, Golduck and Vaporeon. I’ll most likely include Gastrodon (nice Electic resistance) and Pelipper (only Sinnoh-dex Water Pokémon that can learn Fly I believe).

waterteamHey look! They’re all blue, too! How awesome is that?

It certainly is a lot more challenging! The second gym was Grass-typed. Luckely Prinplup knows Peck and (then) Psyduck knew Confusion for those Grass/Poison types. Gyarados sweeped the floor with everyone thanks to his Dragon Rage (does 40HP damage). It’s going great so far and I’m enjoying this new challenge. I can’t wait for the Battle Frontier though, I trained a lot of Pokémon to Lv100 which are eager to make their appearance on my newest Pokémon game 😀

A NEW Xbox 360?!

“Dear Xbox Customer,

So that you can get back to playing and enjoying your Xbox quicker, we replaced your Xbox console with a replacement unit.”

Yay, and it works, too!

Okay, so basically what they did was replacing my Xbox 360 for a NEW one! The UPS guy picked my 360 up last Monday and I got it back that Friday! Just 4 days! I’m not sure if it’s true but I’ve been told newer Xbox 360’s also make a lot less noise.

That’s not all though:


“Please accept this complimentary one month Xbox Live membership card to as a gesture of our appreciation of you.”

Awesome! You rock, Xbox Customer Service! I lost my Xbox for 4 days and got 1 month of Live in return and it didn’t cost me anything! I didn’t even had to pay for the S&H! I can’t wait for my next RROD 😀

(And I love to use my figma’s to point stuff out XD Expect to see this a LOT here~)

Review: figma #18 Tsuruya-san School Uniform Ver.

Hooray, figma finally put the new Tsuruya-san on their website, so I’m going to review the old one! That makes sense, right? Sorta? Oh well… Here’s Tsuruya-san!


Tsuruya-san (last name not known) is a minor character in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, where she is introduced as a friend of Asahina Mikuru. Though not a member of the SOS Brigade, she did help out on various events like the recording of the movie “Mikuru Asahina’s Adventure – Episode 00” and the baseball match. Doujin artist Utsura Uraraka made a super deformed, smoked cheese-crazed, “Nyoro~n”-saying, character of Tsuruya-san, named Churuya-chan, which gave the character a much bigger fanbase.
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25% of my entertainment died


Oh yes. Here I was, innocently turning on my Xbox 360 to play some GH and Street Fighter… But immediately, I noticed something wasn’t right. Not right at all. I know you only see Mikuru there, but it could have just been me crying there, clinging my noisy white machine. I just didn’t fit in the picture…

Edit: Well, just called support. I’ll have to send it in for them to fix it. Luckily I haven’t modded it or anything, so it’s still under warranty. I’ll only have to pay for S&H on my end. I do wonder how long it’ll take though…

Review: figma #25 Shana Enpatsu Ver.

This review was originally posted in my MangaBullet journal, but I guess this is a much better place.


The figurine was released in December of 2008 and is the first one based of the “Shakugan no Shana Second” series by Yashichiro Takahashi. The girl doesn’t actually have a name and is usually referred to as “Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite” (“Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter”), but after revealing the name of her katana, Nietono no Shana, to Yuji, he decided to name her Shana. Shana normally has dark colored eyes and black hair, but when she needs to fight, her eyes and hair change to a burning red.

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The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya

Haruhi-chan on Youtube!
Yes, Haruhi-chan! It’s an ONA, Original Net Animation, meaning it’s released on the (inter)Net. Haruhi-chan is obviously based on “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, an anime that got quite a fanbase (and also makes the biggest part of my figurine collection~). After the successful first season of the anime, people wanted more! While we all still wait for season 2 to start, we get this series of 5 minutes per episode. Haruhi-chan follows the chibified form of the members of SOS-Dan, I’m guessing after season one of the anime. It seems more characters are in the Brigade now though; Taniguchi, Kunikida, Tsuruya-san and even Kyon’s sister are pretty much there the whole time. It also shows Asahina Ryoko is still on Earth. She incarnated, but turned out to be the size of your average 1/6 scale figure~ So obviously Yuki keeps her in her apartment as a pet!

There currently are 10 episodes, but 1-5 are already taken down of Youtube, meaning the hoster, Kadokawa, only keeps them live for a few weeks. Though, that’s okay, because the first four eps were computer generated and it didn’t look too well. Episode 5 and up are drawn in Lucky Star style~.
Luckily nothing is safe on the internet and Shamisen-subs have ripped them all, making them in wonderful upscaled MKV files!

GoodSMILE Company commercial – the making of

Last month GoodSMILE Company released a commercial on the air and it has finally been Youtubed! The commerical basicly shows off some of the new figures to be released.

More interesting is the making of. It shows how much time and effort has to be put in making a simple photo of a 12cm figurine! Because of the small size, it’s even harder than normal people photography, in my opinion… Especially if you try to recreate a scene in anime with some proper lighting XD;

Via Wcloudx’s blog