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Two new figmas come with cool new extra’s!

Last year, when Max Factory/GoodSMILE Company released #018 Tsuruya-san and #023 Asukura Ryoko, they made them more appealing to include extra heads of other Haruhi characters: Emiri with Tsuruya-san Tanikuchi with Ryoko (to be placed on Kyon’s body). Here’s a photo I took of mine, I used Haruhi and Yuki as substitute bodies, since I don’t own an extra Tsuruya-san or any male figma XD (Well I do own Itsuki now, can’t find Kyon *sob*).

Four(?) hot figma girls

The figmablog officially announced some more extra’s for older characters. Info for the new extra’s after the jump

Maid Cafe ver. Tsuruya-san will be released with a hairpiece for Mikuru, so you can put her in the maid costume too! You’ll need either the Winter Uniform Mikuru or the Cheerleader Mikuru’s head to make it work. I guess the upcoming Battle Waitress Mikuru would also work if you would like her with twin tails instead~! I’m not sure the hair piece will fit though, but I’m assuming/hoping it will!


Also, the upcoming Mikuru Battle Waitress comes with a deer head for Kyon (wtf? I don’t remember Kyon wearing that in the anime) and a new face. Good news is that you can also use the old faces on the deer, and the new face on his old head. You’ll obviously need Kyon’s figma to make this work… So I guess I need to buy three Kyon’s?


Reservations for these figma’s should open soonish~ I really need to find at least ONE Kyon soon. My SOS-Dan pose looks so broken without him D:

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