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25% of my entertainment died


Oh yes. Here I was, innocently turning on my Xbox 360 to play some GH and Street Fighter… But immediately, I noticed something wasn’t right. Not right at all. I know you only see Mikuru there, but it could have just been me crying there, clinging my noisy white machine. I just didn’t fit in the picture…

Edit: Well, just called support. I’ll have to send it in for them to fix it. Luckily I haven’t modded it or anything, so it’s still under warranty. I’ll only have to pay for S&H on my end. I do wonder how long it’ll take though…

2 responses to “25% of my entertainment died

  1. Davtato March 29, 2009 at 04:46

    Nooo! Haha no wonder I haven’t seen you online lately. Hopefully it will be fixed soon! 😀

    • Pasu March 29, 2009 at 12:25

      Well I got it back last friday. But I also got Pokémon Platinum earlier that week and I have been playing that a lot… 8D

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