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Review: figma #18 Tsuruya-san School Uniform Ver.

Hooray, figma finally put the new Tsuruya-san on their website, so I’m going to review the old one! That makes sense, right? Sorta? Oh well… Here’s Tsuruya-san!


Tsuruya-san (last name not known) is a minor character in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, where she is introduced as a friend of Asahina Mikuru. Though not a member of the SOS Brigade, she did help out on various events like the recording of the movie “Mikuru Asahina’s Adventure – Episode 00” and the baseball match. Doujin artist Utsura Uraraka made a super deformed, smoked cheese-crazed, “Nyoro~n”-saying, character of Tsuruya-san, named Churuya-chan, which gave the character a much bigger fanbase.


First, let’s take a look at the box. Mine is dented a bit, nyoro~n… The box is styled the same as all the other Haruhi-characters, as you can see below:



The contents of the box are… well slim. Most of the figma’s come with a lot of extra’s, but Tsuruya-san only comes with a new set of hand to do her V-pose, and another face. You’ve probably noticed the extra head there, but more about that in a sec. First a nice 360~



And a zoomed in photo of the faces. They aren’t really that different. You can only make Tsuruya-san smile, which is basicly the only thing she does in the series, as well. I would have like a whole other face though, instead of just an option to have her eyes open or closed.


Okay, time for the extra head! Tsuruya-san is the first figma that comes with a whole head for another character! If you pop Tsuruya’s head off, you can place this one on the body to recreate Emiri Kimidori, the first client for the SOS-Dan! I guess this kind of makes up for the fact that the box is low on other accessories. Basicly, you can put Emiri’s head on all the other bodies, but Tsuruya’s, Ryoko’s or Haruhi’s bodies have the same builds. So if you have a double, you can use that body to put Emiri in your scenes. I usually choose Ryoko’s body, because I like Emiri over her 😉


Don’t they look cute together? Even though they shouldn’t know each other, as they never met in the series… Oh well~

My final conclusion is that this figma is only worth getting if you like Tsuruya-san a lot. She doesn’t really have anything special that makes her worth getting, except of course Emiri’s head. A real fan of the series probably bought her anyway, but if you were thinking of getting Tsuruya-san for possible accessories, then it is kind of a let down. Personally, it’s one of my favourite figma’s and my favourite character of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. I’m even considering getting another one to make Emiri as well, but I’d probably get another Ryoko or Haruhi instead for the accessories. Of course, since the new Tsuruya-san in maid costume will be released this summer, I’ll probably just use this Tsuruya-san instead.

4 responses to “Review: figma #18 Tsuruya-san School Uniform Ver.

  1. taketombo March 25, 2009 at 21:46

    Wow an extra head thats completely different? how convenient 8D They should do that alot more often… it would save people a lot more money XD
    I should really save my boxes… then i would have back drops for figure pics LOL

  2. Young Richard January 13, 2010 at 03:59

    How well does she stand up without the stand?

    • Pasu January 13, 2010 at 08:23

      Hardly. The figma have pretty small feet so if you would put them on your desk they’d probably fall over a lot. The only figma that really can stand on its own is Drossel, as far as I know

  3. Gami March 28, 2010 at 01:29

    I bought this figure on eBay last week, I can’t wait for it to come. *w*
    And I’m a huge Emiri fan, so you know.
    I’m assuming the heads fit on the cheerleader bodies, right? Cheerleader Tsuruya and Emiri would make nice combos for a photoshoot.

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