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Spring batch #2 – The photos

So I got TWO packages yesterday! It was like Christmas 8D And sure enough, it had the Xmas clothing included as well~

The boxes got out nicely, without any dents. This batch included Saber of Fate/Stay Night and Rin Kagamine of Vocaloid.
My first two female figma WITHOUT skirts! They both look awesome. Rin didn’t get any accessories, except the mic (which I almost broke when I tried to squeeze it in her hand!) except the standard extra face/hands, so that was a real let down. Not even a stand for the mic, like Miku? Come on! Saber, however is so cool with her two swords! She also has TWO extra faces and another piece of hair, for more action poses:

And Rin with Miku. I can’t wait to get Len for awesome poses >D

And yeah, it’s four months too late, but I also bought some of those Xmas accessories (2x big hat, 2x small hat). I have problems with the smaller hat though, I can’t seem to fit it on anyone’s head, except for Asakura Ryoko. The big ones are really cool, though~

That’s all for today! I’ll try to make some reviews while I wait for Batch #3 ;D

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