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More information for figma #039 Signum Knight Ver.

Signum got posted on the figma website. Looks like this figma will get the number #039. Interesting, since there is no #038 yet! Signum will also be a bit more expensive, getting a price tag of 3200 Yen. Most (normal numbered) figma are 2500 Yen, except for Yuki Nagato Witch Ver. (3000 Yen) and Hayate Yagami (2800 Yen).

To make up for it, Signum gets more accessories… WEAPONS!
“Her armed device, Laevatein comes in 3 different forms. ‘Schwertform’, a sword surrounded in flames, ‘Schlangenform’, a whip form in which each piece is connected by a wire for posability, and ‘Bogenform’ as a longbow.”

You’ll be able to see Signum in stores starting July.


More photo’s of the weapons after the jump!


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