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Summershots – figma’s

Woo, it’s such nice weather outside~ I do want to show you all the new figma’s I got the last two months, so LET’S GO OUTSIDE AND TAKE SOME PHOTO’S! Right, Haruhi?

"Yeah, let's do this!"

Yeah, let's do this!


First up are Emiri and Shana~ I got them a while ago; I bought Shana on eBay and Emiri/Tsuruya at Anime 2009. I already had a Tsuruya, but I got her twice to show Emiri too~


Kyon, who isn’t sure what he should film.


Len! I already had Rin and they look so nice together~


You’ve probably seen this one already~ I took this photo at work last week, in front of a mayonaise sack which gave a nice reflexion 8D;


Summer uniform Haruhi~ She looks so cute with her short tail ❤


When I went to Anime 2009, Archonia was selling figma’s with scarfs. I already had the figma’s they were selling there (I guess they just sold the ones that didn’t go well… like Tsukasa, Miyuki and the girls of Ikki Tousen, which I wasn’t interested in). I did order this Tsuruya/Emiri figma which I picked up there, but that one didn’t come with the scarf obviously. I asked if I could get one anyway, and they kindly gave me one~ It turned out to be a light blue one when I got home (they come in small black plastic bags, so you can’t see which color you’ll get).

Those are my new figma’s! I’ll try to do another one tomorrow with my new PVC figures if it’ll still be sunny~

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