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Review: Moeru! Pro no Susume Shaman Suplex

Full name: Moeru! Pro no Susume Shaman Suplex Rikiishi Hotaru VS Chihatan2 Version
AKA:Pro-Wrestling German Suplex Rikiishi Hotaru VS Chihatan2 Ver.
On:Archonia | My Figure Collection

Alright, time for another review and it’s the most perverted one I got so far~!
Even the box is original! You are supposed to look at the figure through the top, instead of the front. You can still look through the front and both sides, but you won’t be seeing much. Time to see what’s inside!

This is an 18+ figure, which means you’ll be seeing the breasts of one of the figures. If you really don’t want to see plastic boobies, then don’t read any further. You’ve been warned~

Okay, so what the hell are they doing? Apparently it’s called a “German suplex”, or “Shaman suplex”. A wrestling move where the blue haired girl (Chiha-tan2) grabs the other girl (Rikiishi Hotaru) by the waist and throws her overhead on the ground. In my opinion a great and dynamic pose for a figure (or, figures) to have!


Let’s take a closer look to the girls~
Hotaru. A cute looking girl, which immediately makes me think of Misao Kusakabe from Lucky Star. Hotaru seems like the girl going into fights and enjoying them. I do have some minor complaints though. The line where her hair comes off on her head is pretty obvious. Compare it to most figma and you’ll see they can be hidden quite well. Also, she seems to have some scratch marks on her body (which you can’t see thanks to my crappy camera), like when you press your fingernail on your skin for a second.

Chiha, or “Chiha-tan2”, as the boxart says. Her expression doesn’t really tell anything. Maybe she’s an android or an Integrated Data Sentient Entity, like Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

You can take Chiha’s arms off, to seperate the figures.
Now, we can take a closer look to her face. She seems kinda sad : ( The face is of high quality though~

Looking to Hotaru seperated seems like she has other things in mind <_<;

Okay, so I KNEW you could put another head on Hotaru’s body, so I started pulling onto her normal head. To my surprise, not only her neck, but also her waist came off! Why is that?

Oh. Ooooohhh. Honestly, I didn’t know this when I bought this, but… The shirt comes off.

Here she is, without a shirt and she’s clearly not liking it. Scroll further down for the big reveal… Last warning!

Aaaand there they are… Yeah. I don’t know. It wasn’t really necessary in my opinion, but I’m sure many people LOVE this XD

Bam! Looks like she (or, her shirt) wasn’t prepared for Chiho’s German suplex!

I like her normal head more though. It’s like she doesn’t give a damn about it and enjoys the fight~

Wee~ Hanging on my pinky! Don’t drop her, Chiho!

Omg! Not even Nendoroid Miku is safe for the crushing force of the German suplex!

Final thoughts
The figure comes in a great pose and the quality of the material is top notch! The removable shirt is a nice bonus, I guess, but makes it hard for ‘normal’ collectors to take this in their collection (like, their parents won’t like this to be displayed XD; ). Still, you can display them together with the clothes on and it’s not even that erotic anymore. There apparently is also a (limited? not yet released?) version with alternate colors. Chiho’s bathing suit is white and wet. And we all know what happens with wet white bathing suits, don’t we?

For those who want to buy this: You’re in luck! It’s found pretty cheap right now, since it’s already somewhat older (Dec 2007). I found mine for about $40!

For those interested in the series… Well… It IS no series. The figure is, as far as I know, based on one h-manga (the figure came with a promotional pamphlet telling about it), which you could get from Amazon Japan for 1500 Yen.

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