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Monthly Archives: August 2009

New clothes for FREEing’s Lucky Star figures

Now that’s a nice idea, releasing clothes for their figures to wear. In case you do not know, FREEing will release the four main girls of Lucky Star in 1/4 scale! Konata is out and Kagami should be ready to ship in a couple of days. The girls wear real clothes and at Chara Hobby 2009, they announced new costumes for them to wear. I guess this is the closest you can get to Dolfie with normal PVC figures~

I’ve ordered Konata last night in her cute energetic pose~ The girls normally come in gym clothes, but I’m sure to get her cheerleader uniforms as soon as they’ll release it 😀 It seems Hobby Search is sold out, but Archonia still has her (a bit pricey though) or you could look at your own retail stores, or eBay 😉

Anyway, they say she’s the height of three figma’s together. How high is that exactly? Guys! Lift Konata up for me, please!

Now that's legen... wait for it... DARY! Legendary!

Now that's legen... wait for it... DARY! Legendary!

About 35 centimeters, huh? Awesome!

I choose you, Giratina!


Just got back from Pokémon Day here in Holland! They had the special Regigigas downloadable which was the main reason I went 8D To my surprise, the goodiebag contained the figure of Giratina, which you could previously only get if you pre-ordered Pokémon Platinum (as far as I know, anyway)!

Remember the fake Mikuru and Haruhi figma’s I got? Well, I colored one of the baseballs to a Poké Ball, and glued it to one of the hands~

More summer-styled figma’s on their way!

Yeah, we all knew Kagami would also be released, and they made it official yesterday, which means all four main girls will get a release in their blue summer uniforms!

One thing we didn’t see, though, was another new face~ I like it, it like she yells “GTFO” XD

And yes! The extra head will be Misao Kusakabe! I do feel bad for Ayano and Patricia though, I guess we won’t see their heads…

We also saw two other ones appearing on GSC’s homepage: Shirou Emiya and a 3rd version of Saber, in normal clothes instead of her sets of armor.

Kagamiku in Germany

Been to Germany last week and had some fun in the mountains taking pics of Kagamin~

This one is near a ruin (of which I didn't find the name, sadly) on a tree stump. It was actually the only tree stump I could find!

On a bench, watching on top of a mountain. The railing really wasn't there for show, it was high up there.

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New Symbol of Freedom

Yeah, right after I came home, I had to leave to go to Germany! I wanted to post this particular photo here, because I think it’s one of the best I’ve made, and the only one worthy to post here anyway.
liberty blog
Bigger version here!

Summer Tsukasa and Miyuki figma’s announced

Yeah I’m back, I’ll post some pics later today when I have had some sleep but for now:
Looks like Konata won’t be the only one getting a summer uniform release! Both Tsukasa Hiiragi and Miyuki Takara are announced to make a release in September!
Tsukasa comes with her schoolbag, while Miyuki will include Nyamo, the bodiless cat that you could see in the break in the anime, or in some chapters of the manga!

That’s not all though! Just like Konata, they both will get a head part of new characters! Tsukasa will come bundled with the soon-to-be-mangaka Hiyori Tamura and Miyuki will include one for the silent but polite Minami Iwasaki, who happens to live in the same street as Miyuki.

It’s a given now that we will soon see Tsukasa being rereleased as well, but who will be the head part?
Ayano Minegishi perhaps?

I’m personally rooting Misao Kusakabe~ Who would you like to see?