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I choose you, Giratina!


Just got back from Pokémon Day here in Holland! They had the special Regigigas downloadable which was the main reason I went 8D To my surprise, the goodiebag contained the figure of Giratina, which you could previously only get if you pre-ordered Pokémon Platinum (as far as I know, anyway)!

Remember the fake Mikuru and Haruhi figma’s I got? Well, I colored one of the baseballs to a Poké Ball, and glued it to one of the hands~

3 responses to “I choose you, Giratina!

  1. Double H August 29, 2009 at 22:30

    Cool! love the pokeball!! Maybe I should make one..but I need to find something that can fit in figma`s hand.. ==”

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