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Om nom nom

Sakura shares her noms with you~ What can I say, fries are amazing and I’m sure Pen-chan doesn’t mind eating giant fast food!


…Now I’m hungry 8D

Major changes*

*may be very minor

Yeah, some little changes I’d like to tell you~ I changed the name from Pasu’s Blog to Pasu Blog! Wow! Yeah! I actually have two reasons:

  1. The apostrophe (the ‘ ) was hard to cope with when making banners. Also, both “Pasu” and “Blog” is four letters, so could be placed under each other easily (lazily)

    Proof of concept

    Proof of concept

  2. The apostrophe (the ‘ ) was hard to cope with when adding to blogrolls. Everytime some adds a blog with an apostrophe (the ‘ ), it appears as \’! This has to do with coding I don’t think I need to explain, but long story short: the apostrophe is an annoying thing to have in a blog’s name!

In memory to the apostrophe, and let’s not forget the extra “s” that is gone now:


Also, I changed the thumbs on the Review page~

figma_018 became figma_018

Mikuru Asahina Fighting Waitress became pvc_sai_mikuru

More unity is nice~ Do you like the new thumbs, or did you prefer the old ones?

Random figma photoshoot

I was taking some pics for the About-page (YES, IT’S FINALLY HERE) at work yesterday and took other pics as well! Just random things I liked to try out~

I bought a little Lucky Star trading figure and thought it would be a fun thing to let all the girls jump out like that “Darlin’ Darlin’ FREEEEEE”-part in the OP. That didn’t work but I think it came out quite nice after all~

Looks like Kyon isn’t a normal guy after all! I had a hard time with those Keyblades, the kept falling XD

This one was annoying >_< I was lying down on the middle of the road and it somehow was quite busy, while you normally rarely see any car on there. Long story short: I had to hurry so it came out all blurry 😦 I do like the setting though~

Let’s Build: figma bike RED

Yeah, I’m sick, so still no new photoshoot of my latest figures. I actually have trouble finding a place for the 1/4 Konata XD Most backgrounds I can use aren’t high enough, so hmm…

In the meanwhile, I’d like you to take a look at some photo’s I took on August 27 (going by the date on my phone in the last photo XD) of assembling one of those figma bikes! It turned out to be quite easy, but I still would like to share with you some feedback, if you ever come across one yourself~

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FREEing Konata arrived~

FREEing Konata? You mean the gashapon?

Or do you mean…

Oh yes.
No, not bought at Amazon, just got shipped in their box XD
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Review: Max Factory’s Haruhi Suzumiya (Gekisou Ver.)

Alright, time to test my new camera! I wanted to do this one earlier, but the photo’s with my old camera were so bad it wouldn’t do justice. It’s time for my favourite PVC figure in my collection: Haruhi Suzumiya Gekisou Version (aka Extravaganza Version).
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New camera GET!

Heh, I had so many photo’s ready for reviews this week, but as usual, they were so blurry I couldn’t really use them. The thing is, my main camera used to be an old Sony Cybershot (one of the first! From back in 2004!) which DOES have a macro, but isn’t really… well… good. I found it hard to believe my iPhone’s 3G 2MP camera actually worked a lot better than the Cybershot, except it didn’t have a macro at all, so it’s useless for figure photography. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I ordered a new camera yesterday, which arrived today: the Canon Powershot SX1 IS!

Following are photo’s with my three camera’s, trying to get as close to the figure as possible without it blurring (except the iPhone, I had to be at least 30cm away for it to be clear, but then it’s not a close up anymore, right?). You can click on the photo’s for their original sizes.

iPhone 3G (no macro – 2MP 1600×1200)
IMG_1079 copy

Sony Cybershot DSC-P73 (macro – 4.1MP 2304×1728)
DSC07228 copy

Canon Powershot SX1 IS (super macro – 10MP 3648×2736) Full size is over 7 megabytes, so loading may take a while!
IMG_0026 copy

All are made right after each other with the same setting (normal daylight through my window). It’s fun to see that the iPhone beats the Cybershot in terms of light, but the lack of macro ruins it. As far as my eyes tell, the Canon wins in every way possible over the other two (which, given the price, is not that surprising I guess).

Lastly, I resized the Cybershot and Powershot photo’s to the size of the iPhone photo (1600×1200) and put the three together for a final comparison.
3 maten

In my opinion, totally worth the money.

di:stage-stages ready to print!

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen various stages on the GSC/figma blogs, made by Mikatan, Danny Choo and various other people working for the companies. Now that the first set is released,
they’ve put up some of the prints online last week, and added one more yesterday: the Gamers-store!

You can find them all here on figma’s download page!


Print them out, grab your scissors and have fun!

Review: Kotobukiya’s Konomi Yuzuhara (frilled tube top ver.)


Heh, it took four months before I finally got this figure. Apparently, something went wrong with the shipment… It finally arrived, this cute figure of ToHeart2’s Konomi Yuzuhara, a 1/7 scale figure by Kotobukiya! Since I got her now, here’s a review!
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Nendoroid Petit: Vocaloid #01 ready to pre-order

Hobby Search has started taking pre-orders for the upcoming Nendoroid Petit line for 5700 Yen! For the unknowing: The Petit figures all come in random boxes, one big box contain 12 boxes, so 12 figures. Since the series has 10+1 secret, you’ll always have a double. It could also very well be you do not get the whole series, but that’s usually the case. For example, when I ordered a box of 10 Lucky Star figures by FREEing (5+1 secret), I got the four main girls double, and Kuroi-sensei + secret once.

Anyway, let’s so who we’ll get~
We’ll see the 6 official ones: Kaito, Meiko, Luka, Miku, Rin and Len
As well as four fan-made ones: Meiko Sakine, Saihate Miku, Neru Akita and Haku Yowane~

Commercial time!

I really wonder who the secret will turn out to be~