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Review: Kotobukiya’s Konomi Yuzuhara (frilled tube top ver.)


Heh, it took four months before I finally got this figure. Apparently, something went wrong with the shipment… It finally arrived, this cute figure of ToHeart2’s Konomi Yuzuhara, a 1/7 scale figure by Kotobukiya! Since I got her now, here’s a review!

First, let’s look at the box~ It has some nice designs in it, like the window on the back, or the flower patterns on the side! Most boxes I’ve seen usually just have big square windows to show the figure, but Kotobukiya gets a little more creative on theirs.


We find the following in the box: a beachy base (which is really heavy and sturdy, really nice!), a tube, a pair of shoes and of course Konomi herself~ I like Kotobukiya’s figures, because they always have something cast-offable.. or cast-onable (is that a word?)

Here are some detail shots~

Butt crack! No figure is complete without buttcrack!

Butt crack! No figure is complete without buttcrack!

The figure has some nice details, even the tube has a nozzle to inflate it! You can’t really inflate it though, it’s just solid plastic~
You can take Konomi apart just under her top, so you can put on the tube.
Hehe, I like this shot~ If you lift up the base, you discover there’s a mirror inside! Personally, I like the beach more.


That’s all! It’s a real nice figure, but just one little flaw:
She isn’t resting on both her legs. This may just be with mine and it’s easy to fix to bend it, but I’m too scared I might break it, so I won’t XD It is nicely balanced, so not that big of a problem~

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