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Let’s Build: figma bike RED

Yeah, I’m sick, so still no new photoshoot of my latest figures. I actually have trouble finding a place for the 1/4 Konata XD Most backgrounds I can use aren’t high enough, so hmm…

In the meanwhile, I’d like you to take a look at some photo’s I took on August 27 (going by the date on my phone in the last photo XD) of assembling one of those figma bikes! It turned out to be quite easy, but I still would like to share with you some feedback, if you ever come across one yourself~



Looking pretty complex, but it’s quite easy. There is a guide in form of a single picture that actually is really helpful! I suggest keeping a look at it whenever you’re going to cut out the bike and put it together~


Time to cut out all the parts! Use a sharp knife and get something hard to work on, if you don’t you’ll get all those little dents in the table~


You’ll leave some leftover plastic on the parts if you cut them, which is fine of course. However, it’s easy to clean them up.


What I do is carefully scrape off leftover plastic with my knife to make it all smooth~


Be careful with what you cut, though! If you see this in the whole thing, still attached, it’s hard to make out where to start cutting, you may cut off too much of it! Try to look the parts up on the guide picture before you cut them, so you can sort of make out what you’re supposed to cut off and what not.


When I was done I just placed all the parts in the right order, like the picture. It’s quite easy to see what goes where this way.


Parts! Assemble! As long as you have the picture as your guide, it’s really easy~


There! Put a figma on and you’re done! If you want to get one of your own, you probably have to resort to websites like eBay, and they are pretty expensive there. However, right after I got mine, some new stuff popped up on the internet, which I think is worth waiting for:


Yes. Real colored bikes. Nothing is known about them though, except that they are made by FREEing and should be out around spring~ If you can wait that long, I’d say it’s worth it. More figma addons can be found in Wcloudx’s WonFes coverage~

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