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Review: Nendoroid Sakura Nankyoku

Nendoroid time! I only have three, but this one is definitely my fav! Not only is Sakura a cute gal to look at, the web anime (Penguin Girl Heart/Penguin Musume Heart) is also pretty fun!

A short description from ANN:

“Sakura Nankyoku is a total otaku. Due to a fluke, she gets elected as her class’ Student Council President. Everything takes off from there into a series of crazy misadventures revolving around Sakura, her family, and her classmates.”

So yes. A female otaku, going for all the things a (male) otaku would love: cat-ears, shimapan… Sakura (nicknamed Penguin/Pen-chan for her penguin-like hair and the symbol for her parents’ company is a penguin) does them all! As I said, it’s a web anime (ONA) and not yet licensed, so available for download over at Anime Suki!

Here’s the first part of the first episode, I suggest trying it out~

On to the review!

Nendoroid Pen-chan comes with just a few extra’s. Other than two extra facial expressions, she comes with the helmet and pickaxe, which you can see in the ED of the anime~

The 3rd face is an angry one. I really love this one XD Unlike some other Nendoroids, Pen-chan gets some nice variety~

And the back. You can take off the back piece of her hair. Not sure why, but it perfectly fits in a figma stand, which can sometimes be nicer to move figures around. I’m not a big fan of the regular bases Nendoroids come with. They either get in the way, or just break (yeah, my Penguin one is broken, more about that later this week).


As with all Nendoroids, the eyes are big and nicely detailed. The rest of the figure is quite nice as well, especially the detail put in the small skirt is nice. However, the paint job seems to be a bit sloppy at some places, like on her sleeve. All in all a nice Nendoroid to have, especially with the awesome angry face! I can suggest it to every fan of the manga or anime! If you haven’t seen Penguin Girl Heart yet, go try it out! It’s free for legal download, so why not?

2 responses to “Review: Nendoroid Sakura Nankyoku

  1. Leonia October 9, 2009 at 08:03

    Sakura is funny, especially with her very irritated face ^^

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