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My Room – October 27, 2009

Ugh, I’m so stupid. I still haven’t found a solution to my SD-port problem. I even got an external one, which didn’t work (I don’t think it can read SDHC cards). Then just today, I thought: “Wait, I always used the USB port of my old camera instead of the memstickpro, I wonder if…” And of course, it worked just fine >.<;

Now, instead of a new review (which would take more work), I'll show you guys my room. I always like looking at other people's rooms so I thought I should share mine 😀 First let's look at my room how it looked like 4 YEARS AGO. I was still so young (17) and didn’t have anything anime related in my room, really XD


Now let’s see how my room has changed in the past few years~

Photo 1
Wow, I could sit on my bed and take photo of myself back then 🙂 Now, my bed flipped to the side and my dad and I built a huge closet for my tv, gamings systems and general storage 🙂
The Pringles cans also got donated to a school and I now use the shelf to store my figma boxes (well, I’ve ran out of space for those too XD; ) and my older video games (NES, SNES, N64, GCN, PSX, GEN and my Nintendo DS games as well).

Photo 2
Ahh my desk~ I still have the same one, except the screens have gotten a bit bigger. I used to use this 15″ monitor, but I upgraded to a 24″ one, with the 15″ as a secondarily. (I just finished watching the 3rd ep of Fairy Tail)
My desk is always a big mess~
My most used console, the Xbox 360. I use it on my monitor instead of my tv, because my monitor can go 1080p which is nice 🙂 There’s also an NES under my 15″ monitor which I use here, because I’m too lazy to turn on my tv and everthing 8D;

Photo 3
Well, my bed isn’t there anymore. Instead I got this huge closet!
It has most of my figma on top, and a nice Haruhi wallscroll on one of the sliding doors~
Let’s take a look inside. Yep, junk.
The other side, however holds my tv and my lesser used gaming consoles: A 3rd NES, 2 Super NES, 2 Nintendo 64, 2 PlayStation 2, 3 PSX, a Gamecube and a Mega Drive/Genesis. The reason I have so many doubles is because some a from a different region (JP N64/PS2) or I got for free from friends (SNES, PSX) or family (NES)~ Yeah I’m a big gamer.
The shelf where I used to have my Donald Duck pockets now holds my newer games (Xbox 360, PS2, Wii and PSP) as well as my manga~ As you can see I ran out of space here as well XD
And that’s pretty much my room 😀 I hope you like what you’ve seen~ If you made a post (anywhere) about your own room, feel free to link me up, I’d love to take a look ;D

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