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Let’s Build: Golgo 13’s di:stage

Alright, continuing from yesterday, I will now build the di:stage that is included with figma #42 Golgo 13!

The pack includes 6 square pieces of paper with the stage printed on them.

Also included are two transparent pieces with the windows and sound effects printed.

Luckely, the whole stage is pre-cut, so you can just pop them right out the squares! I do suggest only taking out the pieces you need for the steps you are working on, som parts can look alike and you don’t want to mix them up!

Step one includes folding these pieces around, when you do this, you see little cuts on the inside. This is to hang in the windows in the fifth step.

The second step involves folding pieces and use glue to basically make the thin parts stronger. Be sure to apply enough pressure and let the glue dry for a bit.

Step one and two finished!

The 3rd and 4th step involve the roof. So far I was using the Pritt stick, but switched over to a stronger kind of glue by Bison. I had trouble with the windowsill, but with the Bison glue it stayed in its place~

Next are the windows~ Be sure to remove the protective layer before you glue them together, or your windows will be all blurry (guess who had to pull his first set of windows apart…)! The stage comes with two sets of windows: a clean set and a shot set.

I like the bulletholes more, but whenever I feel like changing them, I can. You don’t need to glue the windows in the sockets, so you can switch them whenever you want!

As you can see it comes with a little backdrop. I have no idea how you are supposed to bring it up to the window’s level, so I used a roll of tape here.

Last step: the table!

This took a while, because it’s so small! It does look really nice and it is quite strong, too! You have to glue the feet of the table in a triangle, so they can take some weight. Place it all on the plastic stage (with the floor) and you’re done!

Golgo 13 is ready to make a hit.

Oh, you also get some parts to place in the suitcase, so it looks like it’s full of money. I had some trouble with this so I gave up XD

I’m suprised to see it turned out so well! It looks really cool, but it does mean you can’t really use the di:stage stand anymore. Oh, and even though you probably went through this post in a minute or so, this actually took like two hours to build! If you are getting it, be sure to take your time 😉

One response to “Let’s Build: Golgo 13’s di:stage

  1. ferenz November 23, 2009 at 20:04

    Awesome pasu! realy liked the photo when Golgo is pointing his gun out of the window.

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