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The Power Of RAW

Now that I have a mini photo studio, I thought of giving the camera (a Canon Powershot SX1) a fair chance. I took some pictures and decided to compare the power of RAW against normal JPEG pictures. And woah, RAW really can make a LOT of difference. I did the following:

1. Take a picture of a figure (in this case Miku… I really should have dusted it off XD; ) in the wrong setting (I chose daylight) in raw.
2. Convert the RAW image to JPEG without changing the settings.
3. Convert the untouched JPEG in Photoshop to make it look right.
4. Convert the RAW image to JPEG with the settings tweaked to make it look right.

Below you see steps 2, 3 and 4. See for yourself why RAW is such a nice feature to have for photography.

Third one does look the best, right? I just couldn’t get the colours quite right in the second picture, and the figure doesn’t really pop out of the background, like in the third. Okay, I know there are lots of people more experienced with Photoshop than me, but don’t forget that changing the RAW didn’t even took half a minute, while the Photoshopped one did take quite a while longer.

So, should you only buy a camera with RAW? Oh no, those are way too expensive for regular consumers. I really saved up for one because I really wanted a real good camera, because it turned into a hobby of mine. Just don’t forget to always check the light setting 😉

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