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Review: figma #46 Miyuki Takara Summer Uniform

It’s Miyuki’s turn for a review! Just like Tsukasa, Miyuki already had another version released prior to this one. She had her winter uniform on, but has now switched to her summer uniform! To make this new figma even more tempting, it got some nice extra’s!

Before going into much detail, here’s a little summary of Miyuki:

Miyuki Takara (高良 みゆき) is a young lady from a wealthy family who is beautiful, smart, and well-mannered. She always uses extremely polite Japanese, even when talking with her closest friends. She is described as a stereotypically friendly meganekko, or glasses-wearing girl. She is scared of contacts, and of putting them in her eyes, thus why she wears glasses. Her vision is less than 0.1 (20/200), though it had been good until elementary school, when she began reading books in the dark after her mother dozed off while reading to her in bed. She likes to read books, but does not read light novels. Miyuki loves to sleep, and she always goes to bed fairly early. She hates visits to the dentist, but frequently has to go to fix a loose crown or because of tooth decay. Due to her embodying such a large number of moe archetypes, Miyuki is the frequent-victim of Konata’s playful bouts of verbal sexual-harassment. She is seen less often than the other three main characters.

As you can see, the box looks just like Tsukasa’s, except the main color is pink.

Let’s see what’s inside. Other than the usual sets of hands, bag, base stand and faces (every Lucky Star figma comes with a blank face now), we see an extra piece of hair without Miyuki’s glasses. I case she builds up the courage to get contact lenses, maybe? We also see Nyamo the cat, the self portrait for the manga-ka of the series: Kagami Yoshimizu. Lastly, we also see the headpart for Miyuki’s neighbour and Yutaka’s best friend Minami Iwasaki. Of course, this figma also comes with a sticker sheet (same as Tsukasa’s), which you will see used on some photo’s in this review.

Here we see Miyuki happy with her glasses, but let’s see how she looks like without them!

She doesn’t seem to be liking it so much XD Looks like she isn’t ready for contact lenses yet.

As with all tall hair figma, the hole for the base stand is in her hair. It doesn’t look too nice when you want to take pictures of her back, though.

That’s why you get an extra piece of hair to place in the hole! Looks much better from behind now~

Minami on Miyuki’s body looks a bit weird. While she also usually wears a pantyhose like Miyuki, her chest isn’t as developed as her neighbour, much to her dislike. She looks quite happy on this photo though XD Used the blushes from the sticker sheet.

Time to get creative, let’s take two bodies of the winter version girls…

And combine them! Her chest is just like her anime and manga counterpart again! Poor Minami…

This concludes my review for figma #46. While Miyuki and Minami aren’t my favorite characters, it is nice to see Nyamo being made in a little figure. And of course, I couldn’t leave this one out of my collection! These girls will be sure to be part of various group shots I will take in the near future!

2 responses to “Review: figma #46 Miyuki Takara Summer Uniform

  1. Leonia December 7, 2009 at 12:41

    I don’t like this character, but I love the cat xD

  2. pus2meong January 2, 2010 at 08:10

    I personally love Miyuki with Minami’s head 😀

    I wasn’t fonded with this figma too, but when my friend brought her (with Minami’s head) I was like “woah! I wanted too!”

    So I decide to get her soon (after I found her in nice discount rate, :D)

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