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Review: figma #47 Kagami Hiiragi Summer Uniform

A bit later than I wanted, but it’s finally time for the 4th and last Summer Uniform Lucky Star figma review! Let’s take a look at the (“I’m not a”) tsundere of the show: Kagami Hiiragi!

For the people who’s fav is not Konata, about 90% will say it’s Kagami. Just like Konata, she got two other figma released before this one: the Winter Uniform version and the Miku Hatsune Cosplay version.

Kagami Hiiragi (柊 かがみ) is the older fraternal twin sister of Tsukasa Hiiragi. In school, her grades are excellent, as she studies very hard, and she was elected class president in her first year. She is in a different class than Konata Izumi and Tsukasa, but she frequently comes to their class during lunch time to eat with them. Additionally, Kagami chose the humanities stream in her second year, so that she could be with her friends, but she was the only one separated into a different classroom; the same occurred in her third year. Kagami, occasionally referred to as “Kagamin” by Konata, is a bit egotistical, and not as good a cook as Tsukasa. Konata loves to irritate her, and their arguments act as one of the main factors of comic relief throughout the series. Kagami is usually annoyed by Konata’s constant references to her otaku interests, but usually has an idea on what she is saying.

The box looks just like the other girl’s boxes, except the font color is purple to match Kagami’s hair. The contents are pretty slim. Where the other girls all got some extra’s (Nyamo, the figma bag and the school bag), Kagami only gets the ‘standard’ extra head and facepieces.

The face pieces include a neutral happy face…

…And an annoyed face.

Of course, like every figma, Kagami comes with extra sets of hands.

Just like the other Summer Uniform girls, Kagami comes with a head of one of other characters from Lucky Star: Misao Kusakabe, one of the two classmate friends of Kagami we see in the series. However, Kagami is found in her sister’s class much more often, so they don’t get a lot of screentime, much to the annoyance of Misao.

Of course, Kagami also comes with another blank face.

That’s why the girls come with a sticker sheet! All four girls have the same sheet, so don’t expect anything special.

They are perfect to use for the other girls like Misao, since they only come with one face. Here I tried to make the face Misao uses whenever she is annoyed by Kagami, which you’ll see at 0:15 in the clip above 😉

2 responses to “Review: figma #47 Kagami Hiiragi Summer Uniform

  1. konataxkagami December 18, 2009 at 04:40

    Heh heh heh….theyre all here eh?….. HIYORI SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE A DOUJIN ABOUT MIN X YUT X KONA X KAGA X TSU X YUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MyuMyuHaruhu November 4, 2010 at 16:23

    My Konata and Miyuki Figmas don’t have the purple over-the-eyes stickers T_T

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