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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Limited Edition

Yay, I managed to find a nice deal on the Limited Edition of the newest Zelda game: Spirit Tracks! Yes, the game is pretty cool, but I’m on the 3rd part of the map (of 4) already, so I wonder how long it’ll take before I finish it. Anyway, the limited edition got my attention, because it comes with two figures πŸ˜€

The box is HUGE! It’s taller and wider than a figma box, but it is a bit slimmer.

To get a better perspective on the size: look at the size of game! It could have fit in at least 4 times if the box was empty!

Let’s take the contents out. The bottom hole holds the two figures neatly wrapped in plastic. Let’s take a closer look to those.

Luckily the figures come with instructions. They are so hard to figure out yourself

Here is our little hero: Link!

These figures have actually been released before as part of (I think) a set of four with Tetra and Linebeck that came out at the same time as the previous Zelda DS title: Phantom Hourglass. The difference for Link is that it actually doesn’t come with the Hourglass, and he has his new black/blue shield instead of the brown one. (Phantom Hourglass ver on MFC)

And the insanely cute princess Zelda! What? Yeah well I won’t spoiler too much, but I guess anyone knows by now Zelda’s spirit tags along with Link this time around, giving her finally her own personality that you see develop closely, instead of meeting her some time at Hyrule Castle. As a spirit, she can take over the Phantom Knights, helping Link with puzzles and whatnot. The difference with this version and the Phantom Hourglass version is that this one (again) comes with a new shield design and is possessed by Zelda (since he has glowing pink eyes), the old version also had a Triforce Crystal, but this one doesn’t come with anything nice. (Phantom Hourglass ver on MFC)

The figures aren’t of the best quality, but they do look nice~ However, if you do find the Limited Edition for like €50 or above (game should be €40) and you do not care about these figures, then just get the game. There isn’t anything else different except for the HUGE case.

4 responses to “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Limited Edition

  1. doriinatrix February 14, 2010 at 09:29

    What the hell? I had no idea this limited edition even existed…uhuuuu…I guess it’s time for me to do some searching ;_;
    Congrats on being able to snag it

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