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Review: Sega’s Cosplay Konata & Kagami

Just like my previous review, this one will be about two figures originally released as raffle prices by SEGA: Konata and Kagami cosplaying, as they appeared in the Lucky Star OVA. Instead of being given away as some raffle prize here, they’re just sold for quite a low prize!

As you can see in the clip above (watch it on Youtube for added subtitles), Konata is cosplaying as Witch Version Yuki from Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu, giving her magical powers. After changing Kagami a few times, her magic wand breaks and Kagami is stuck in a Hatsune Miku cosplay outfit.

Those prize boxes always seem to come in one flavour. The box has Konata’s name on one side, and Kagami’s on the other. Nothing special really.

Since Kagami’s in the box, let’s start with her. The figures are doing the famous Moe Moe Kyun pose, which I don’t think Kagami would do in her free will, but it certainly gives her a boost in moe points.

The girls have little poles sticking out of their feet to place in the base stand. This is actually worse than having them bolted shut, because not they still can’t stand on their own! Bad decision in my opinion.

There are some nice details to the figure, like Miku’s headphones. The finish is pretty cheap on these figures though, you can see some messy parts on her hair here.

The displays on her arms look just like the OVA episode, with Nyamo on one side, and instead of having 01 on her arm like Miku Hatsune, she has K☆H, which of course stands for Kagami Hiiragi.

Of course, pantsu shot for Kagami~ Konata is a lot harder to get a proper pantsu shot of, because of the long cape she’s wearing~

So let’s take a look at Konata! She’s doing the same pose as Kagami, so they look really nice together.

We can see Konata has a nice eye for detail on her cosplay costumes. Even the logo of Haruhi’s school is perfectly copied!

That’s it for this review. Of the two, Kagami is my favourite, but that’s probably because I like “Kagamiku” a lot in general. Konata looks nice as Witch Yuki, but it doesn’t have a real special feeling to it, it’s kinda generic I guess. It’s hard to explain. If you’re looking for the figures, I wish you good luck. Most websites I checked don’t have them in stock anymore. I bought mine at Archonia and Konata went out of stock that same day, and Kagami two days later. If you do find them, don’t pay too much for them. While they are cute, the quality isn’t amazing. I’m surprised I didn’t find that many discolors, but there’s quite a lot of leftover plastic that didn’t get cleaned as nice as they could. I paid about €15 each, which seems fair for the quality.

3 responses to “Review: Sega’s Cosplay Konata & Kagami

  1. anonymous_object February 13, 2010 at 22:46

    Cute ^^ I might pick these up sometime 🙂

  2. Leonia February 19, 2010 at 11:29

    Kagami cosplay is adorable ^^

  3. mond March 21, 2010 at 11:23

    how much did u get this? and do u know bout the fakes? o.o

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