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Review: Nendoroid Petite: Death Note – Case File #01

I’ve been doing some group reviews lately, though four was the most in one review so far. Let’s take it up a notch and do 11 today! This review will be about the first batch on Nendoroid Petite (also known as Nendoroid Puchi) Death Note. It consists of 2 different Lights, 2 L’s, 2 Misa’s, 2 Ryuk’s, one Rem, one Mr. Watari and one secret character. Can you guess who it is?

So I got a box of 12 little boxes on an animecon last month. This way you should be sure to get all 11 different ones + one duplicate (though, don’t take my word for this. I do have all different ones, as well for another series I bought a similar box for, but some websites claim this isn’t always the case).

Inside each box is one figure and some extra parts wrapped in plastic.

The is one of L. Almost every Petite comes with a base stand. Be careful if you want to put it in the figure’s back, some are some really tight fits and I’ve broken one of these before Orz;; With this figure comes an extra arm and handcuffs. The arm is used to wrap one end of the handcuffs around, the other end can be used with one of the Light figures.

This Light also comes with another arm, it’s used for the other end of the handcuffs.

Uhh, Light? Maybe you should hide that Death Note you’re holding?

The other figure of Light comes with a sickle. One of the figures of Ryuk comes with wings and an extra tall base stand, so you can make him haunt Light like he does in the series.

Same goes for Misa and Rem.

L of course doesn’t have a Death Note. However, he will always have his loyal assistant Mr. Watari to his aide.

The other figure of L doesn’t come with a base, but instead we have a nice red sofa, much like the regular sized Nendoroid of L. Looking at the regular sized version really shows how much Nendoroids have changed in the years XD

Ryuk is known to like those Earth-apples a LOT! One of his figures has him sitting with two apples. One freshly new and one eaten. You can choose which one you put in his hand.

Now for something amazing. The other Misa comes with a puppet, which is figure on its own! It’s so small! Petites are already only 5 cm max, but this puppet must be as small as 1,5 cm!

It’s on moments like this I’m really glad my camera has a super macro function.

The last figure is the secret one. If you don’t want to find out who it is (maybe you’ll get them yourself and like to keep it a surprise) then you can skip this part. If you do would like to see, highlight the part below for the spoiler text, also with two photo’s:
Photo 1Photo 2
Highlight: It’s an angel version of L! So this batch actually has three different L figures! This is one of the happier looking figures of the bunch~ END OF SPOILER

You can change faces much like the normal sized Nendoroids. However, for the Death Note Petites, this is limited to the character. As you can see the shape of the head is differnent for Light and Misa.

You can still change bodies of course! Light doesn’t seem to be a fan of Casual Monday.

L is a big fan of Formal Friday, though!

And Mr. Watari uh… Seems to enjoy his day off? (aka S&M Sunday)

Those are all the figures! I can really suggest them to any fan of Death Note or Nendoroid collectors! You could of course also use the bodies of other Petites, like the Haruhi, Lucky Star or Vocaloid ones~ If you’re not really a fan of DN, but do have some other Petites and like to take such photo’s, why not buy a random box? You could use any body for some fun pics! The boxes sold separately shouldn’t be too expensive anyway.

6 responses to “Review: Nendoroid Petite: Death Note – Case File #01

  1. Leonia February 19, 2010 at 10:59

    Thank for this sharing. I prefer Nendoroid at Nendoroir Petit for their size ^^ But they are cute ^^

  2. Jacky May 19, 2010 at 09:31

    hi owner, I’m from Singapore and I’m currently looking for this series case file #01. Are you selling it? I’d be very much interested to get it from you. you can reply me to my email ya.. thanks

  3. Kirei101 June 17, 2010 at 10:27

    Nice picture. I bought a fake set and only realised it after I bought it. I compared the prices online the moment I got back…really huge difference….*sigh*

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