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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Pokémon Soul Silver GET!

Since Thursday I’m the happy owner of Soul Silver, even though Holland wasn’t supposed to get it yet. There is a problem with some of the copies of Heart Gold, so the games got called back from the stores to fix the problem. Luckely I ordered it online and it already arrived (Soul Silver doesn’t have the problem apparently, only the DUTCH BOXED versions of the PAL ver. Heart Gold).

Hachune Miku immediately started unpacking!
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Pokémon TCG: Part Deux

Setting aside my homework because updating my blog is more important! It’s been a while, but I really would like to be able to update more often, so I’ll try my best! This one’s a small one though.

Ever since I completed the HeartGold&SoulSilver TCG set, I wanted more. When I was walking through the local toy store, I noticed this special pack…
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Pasublog is 1 year old!

Yes, today (March 11th) is the day my blog turns 1! A lot has happened this year on this weblog of mine~ I’ll get into that in a sec, first of all: Thank you all for visiting! Both regular visitors and newcomers, thank you so much! I actually just checked how many hits this blog got total and I was VERY surprised it passed 15,000!

(Click for bigger version) This photo above is a thank you to you and it also marks some of the highlights of the past year~

  • The broken Mikuru is a post (I guess) ALL of you must have seen, as it is still on the top 5 most watched items EVERY DAY: Fake figma alert! Let’s compare it to the real one~
  • “Super” Konata was my first 1/4 scale figure. A real big one XD I had to make some adjustments to get a background as high as her: FREEing’s 1/4 Konata Izumi Gym Uniform Ver.
  • Sakura was my very first Nendoroid and still my fav. She’s such a cutie~ I can recommend the short anime (Penguin Musume Heart) to anyone! Nendoroid Sakura Nankyoku
  • Haruhi & Giratina were used when I went to Pokemon Day 2009. I customized an old baseball into a Pokeball and took it with me for random photo’s~ My first (on still only) custom ever XD I choose you, Giratina!
  • I thought the Birthday Pikachu card was fitting, especially after I showed you my collection of Pikachu cards a few days ago: Pokémon TCG: my old addiction

I learned lights are so important when making photo’s! Ever since I got my Canon SX1 I’ve been struggling to get some good lighting, but I still fail (as seen in the photo above). I just wish my main light wasn’t so crappy, and I can’t change it either since it’s built into the fan. When spring and summer arrive I’ll be able to take photo’s outside though~ I can hardly wait!

Some people inspire me a lot to keep working on the blog. First of all are the people who I know visit often because they comment on a lot of my posts! Thank you so much, Leonia, anonymous_object and TakeT0mb0! People like you make me want to update as often as I can! To all of you who also visit a lot but never comment, thank you as well of course! I wish I could see who you guys are so I could give you a plug, but thanks for visiting at least! ❤

Pasu out.

Pokémon TCG: my old addiction

Recently I’ve become addicted again to the Pokémon TCG game. It’s been years I actually played this game (and with playing, I mean actually competing in TCG official games), but I’m thinking of going back. Last week, I bought a boosterbox of the new HeartGold and SoulSilver (HGSS) set. What is a boosterbox, you ask? It’s a box with 36 boosterpacks, which means 360 cards and a LOT of wrappings!

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