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Pokémon TCG: Part Deux

Setting aside my homework because updating my blog is more important! It’s been a while, but I really would like to be able to update more often, so I’ll try my best! This one’s a small one though.

Ever since I completed the HeartGold&SoulSilver TCG set, I wanted more. When I was walking through the local toy store, I noticed this special pack…

Platinum – Arceus Poster boxes! I bought 6 of ’em, so I got 30 boosters~ They all came with a promo and a jumbo, so I have 6 of those as well XD; I also got a tin with 4 extra boosters and an Arceus Lv. X promo a few days later, but only two of the boosters were Platinum – Arceus.

After unwrapping all the boosters I still needed quite a few. Luckely one of the boosters from the tin had 2 rares I still needed! However…

…I still need 16 more card… The Arceus’ set numbering goes to 99 on the cards, but there are also 9 Arceus cards (numbered AR1 – AR9) and 3 Shiny Pokémon, so 111 in total. The cards I still need are:
3/99 Heatran
7/99 Probopass
9/99 Swalot
12/99 Zapdos G
23/99 Omastar
25/99 Pichu
94/99 Arceus Lv. X
95/99 Arceus Lv. X
96/99 Arceus Lv. X
99/99 Tangrowth Lv. X
AR2 Arceus (Grass)
AR4 Arceus (Water)
AR8 Arceus (Fighting)
SH10 Bagon
SH11 Ponyta
SH12 Shinx

If you happen to have some of them and you’d like to get rid of them (cheaply) feel free to contact me 8D Also: I have a lot of rares (normal, holo, LvX) double, as well as pretty much every common/uncommon (Arceus/HGSS). I can give you a full list of the ones I can trade you.

3 responses to “Pokémon TCG: Part Deux

  1. TAKET0MB0 March 28, 2010 at 16:41

    I cant believe youve nearly got them all so quickly XD
    Keep going Pasu!

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