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Pokémon Soul Silver GET!

Since Thursday I’m the happy owner of Soul Silver, even though Holland wasn’t supposed to get it yet. There is a problem with some of the copies of Heart Gold, so the games got called back from the stores to fix the problem. Luckely I ordered it online and it already arrived (Soul Silver doesn’t have the problem apparently, only the DUTCH BOXED versions of the PAL ver. Heart Gold).

Hachune Miku immediately started unpacking!

Phew! Done! But… what’s that black bag?

It’s Lugia! It was a pre-order bonus~ So not only am I one of the few Dutch who got the game on schedule, I also got a figurine? Win!

Pokémon Trainer Haruhi immediately claimed the new Pokémon. That’s two!

My team so far~! The first day and a good chunk of Friday, I Soft-Resetted for a Shiny Starter. The idea is you save the game in front of the 3 Pokémon Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil, check them out and if they aren’t shiny, you soft reset the game (L R Start Select on NDS). Then, you check again, and if one is off-colored, it’s a shiny! After about 6 hours, my Chikorita turned out to be more yellow than usual so I picked him!

After I got Chikorita, I decided my whole team would be of Pokémon I never trained before. I already made a Kabuto egg in Diamond which I quickly traded to Soul Silver. I caught a Mareep on Route 32 and Doduo, Nidoran Male and Magby all came from the PokéWalker!

Okay I’m off, training my Pokeymans!

2 responses to “Pokémon Soul Silver GET!

  1. Fabrice April 16, 2010 at 16:31

    OMG lol at the first picture,
    miku is really going for it!

    love it =)

  2. Ayumi July 7, 2010 at 00:06

    I was so excited about this game… Mostly because I played it so so much as a kid (Red FTW!). I think Pokemon was my first step into otakudom… :3

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