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Pokémon TCG: HS Undaunted & PreRelease

About a week ago, I received a package with a boosterbox of the newest Pokémon TCG set: HS Undaunted! I couldn’t wait for this set, because I already noticed some great cards to use in decks! A week later, I’d go a PreRelease. Let me tell you how it was.

Let’s talk about the new set first. It’s the third of the “HeartGold & SoulSilver” series (better known as the “Legend” series in Japan). It doesn’t have much to do with the games HeartGold and SoulSilver, so “Legend” actually would be a better name. The Legend cards are extra powerful cards, but you need two different cards to play it. I won’t go into details of how the game is played, but if you would like to know, has all the rules!

So what exactly is a boosterbox? It’s a box with 36 boosterpacks, the ones you see on display in stores. Boosterpacks hold 10 cards each, with different rarities always in the same order. I used this image with the first HS series so I can use it again:

The chance of getting Legends or Primes is very, very small. In fact, here’s what I got after opening all 36 boosters:

As you can see, I’m still missing one of the Primes (Slowking), a top and a bottom of the Legends and the Secret card. I did manage to get the Prime and the Secret past week, but I’m still looking for the two Legends, so if you want to trade, here’s what I have to offer 😉

So yes! I went to a Pokémon PreRelease tournament! Unlike most countries, the PreRelease takes place AFTER the release of the set in the Netherlands. Makes sense, right? No? Well anyway…

I went to a “Theme Construct” event. Here, you would get one of the two themedecks seen above (I bought the other one later myself), two boosters (the themedeck also has a booster, so three total) and a pack of Umbreon and Espeon cardsleeves to protect them. Out to those cards, you had to make your own deck. Of course, you could leave the deck as it was, but some players quickly found out most Pokemon of the two decks had a weakness for fire, so everyone who pulled a Flareon out of the boosters, put it in their deck. You could also borrow some energies from the organizers if needed.

Then, the playing began! I got the Umbreon deck myself, which I really wanted for the Dark and Metal energies (which I didn’t have a lot of yet). However, I only won 1 times out of the 4 matches I played. Some of the participants played since the very first tournament and had amazing strategies where I learned a lot from. I didn’t have much luck and I didn’t get to use my Umbreon in any match, and Espeon can be VERY annoying when playing against it and you can’t do much damage. It still was a lot of fun for me and met some new friends, both die-hard players and newbies like myself.

At the end, we all received the special PreRelease card: Leafeon. It is available normally in the set, but this one has the HS Undaunted logo printed on it. Because I was a newcomer to the tournaments, I received 6 old tournament cards as well, how nice!

If you ever want to get (back) into playing Pokemon TCG tournaments, those Theme Construct days are the best! Everyone essentially gets a random deck, instead of you being slaughtered by famous decks like LuxChomp. Oh, also, a last tip I learned on that day: The other two newcomers and I called our defeated Pokémon “killed”, all the other guys kept correcting us as they are actually “defeated”. I guess that’s also how you can spot a newcomer XD

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