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Review: figma Aya Kagura – Morning Coffee ver.

I figure (ohoho) it’s time I review another one of my figures! I received this one not too long ago via eBay, because it’s hard to find her another way. I’m talking about the special release of Aya Kagura, figma SP-10, the “Morning Coffee” version!

What’s this? It looks more like a dating sim than a figma box! Well, that’s because it is. The game is called se.kirara, a dating sim by Max Factory, the same company that produces the figma action figures. If we flip the box around…

…We see it’s a combination of a game and a figma! As most SP-release figma, it is combined with a game, so you won’t be able to find it seperately.

The game is available for free online (yes, legally), but of course you won’t get the awesome disc or the instructions manual/artbook! Yeah, it’s nothing real special, so let’s just take a look at the figma!

Here’s Aya! She’s one of the girls you can date in the games. Aya’s the only girl who got a special release though. Aya and the other girls will also get regular releases in their normal uniforms, which will the released in the coming months.

Aya comes with some nice extras, like a special hand to hold her cup of coffee.

Also included is a crying face :c

Don’t cry Aya! Here’s a tissue! I’m not sure the box of tissues was intended to be used to dry her tears or for guys to… yknow… [sexjoke]

One thing I hadn’t noticed before on any previews or artwork, is the way Aya tied her hair. It looks really cool, with a cute ribbon at the bottom~ Getting the figma stand in her back is pretty hard thanks to her hair though.

Luckely, you can take out a piece of her hair to put in the stand instead! This is also used with other figma with long hair, like Lucky Star’s Konata and Miyuki, and Haruhi’s Tsuruya-san.

Let’s look at some details~

Feet! There aren’t a lot of figma barefoot. In fact, I think this is the first girl! They look good and a nice change of looking at shoes all the time XD

The paintjob is great. I couldn’t find any bad spots, but I have had figma with some flaws, so I’m guessing I am lucky with this one. Aya’s hair looks real dynamic, like the wind is blowing are she’s walking around.

Her shirt is made of a nice soft plastic. And for those who are wondering: no, she does not have nipples.

I think this is a nice figure. I’m a fan of the colorful eyes of the se.kirara figma’s and I think Aya has the nicest of them all. Should you get this figma though? Personally, I don’t think she’s worth the insane eBay prices she’s going for nowadays. The extra’s are original, but not really special. I suggest just waiting for the fully clothed version.

Pasu Judgment: 6.5/10

2 responses to “Review: figma Aya Kagura – Morning Coffee ver.

  1. Fifi September 5, 2010 at 09:28

    The packaging is fun, but the figma itself looks kinda plain. If I were the sculptor, I would’ve given her a little more, erm, chest.

  2. TAKET0MB0 September 8, 2010 at 14:12

    Its awesome you managed to get your hands on this after being after it for a while!
    agreeing that it is kinda plain but at the same time makes this one really unique

    Have you tried the game yet? XD

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