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Yeah I'm not gonna update this anymore


Hey and thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Pasu, as you may have guessed by the title, and I’ll tell you a little about myself. I’m currently a 22-year old Graphic Design student in Holland. My hobbies include gaming, figures, Pokémon, drawing and photography, which will be the main focus around here!

I started collecting figures about a year ago at a local anime convention called Abunai. There, I found out that my favourite online store called Archonia was selling their stuff there! I was (and still am) a big fan of Haruhi and Lucky Star and was very interested in those action figures, which later became my biggest obsession: figma.


I bought Yuki Nagato, while my friend got Tsukasa Hiiragi (he’s a big Tsukasa fan). I asked the guy behind the counter if he maybe also had this other girl, my fav, Konata Izumi. He went to check and litteraly a few minutes later he came back with the very last one! I was so happy with it, that my friend also asked for it. Sadly, no, it really was the last one (and looking at other websites, probably the last one ever sold in a retail store, she’s going for crazy prizes on eBay now, lucky me!). In the end, I also bought Tsukasa and found out there already were more.


I have now been to the new Abunai, so I guess I’m a collector for a year now! According to MyFigureCollection, I went from the 3 figma’s I started with, to 99 figures in total. If I had bought one more on Abunai, it would have been perfect xD If I had to choose my favourite figure, it would be figma Kagami Cosplay Ver.


I just started this blog a few months ago, after seeing some other blogs like Wcloudx’s blog and of course Danny Choo’s website, which I both visit daily for the latest news and features~ I myself didn’t want to focus on news, because it would just become a copy of Wcloudx’s and I simply don’t have time for it. I only really post news I would like to have myself, like new figma’s or Nendoroids. The visitorcount is still low, which is fine by me, but ever since the post of the bootleg figma, I’ve seen the pageviews go up dramaticly and is still every day the best viewed post!

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  1. haruhi_suzumiiya99 May 12, 2010 at 05:26

    well i found the konata one on amazon. its $55 which i’nt that bad for being rare

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