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Loot! July & August 2010

I actually got quite a lot of new figma the past month! I’ll review most of them before school starts in 2 weeks~

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Back, Animecon, new loot!

Wow, sure have been quiet around here, huh? To be honest, I can’t really give a valid reason, other than the usual stuff (school, irl things and just couldn’t be bothered), but I’ll try to pick up to usual number of updates per month now!

With that said, I went to a ‘con where I got some new loot!
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Upcoming reviews

So the last two weeks at school were horrible. I did get to go to Tsunacon (a Dutch anime con) last Sunday and I bought some new figures. Along with some more I ordered online, here’s what you can see reviewed soon:

Haven’t picked an order yet, except that I’ll review those little pink boxes first, because they’re so cute 8D You’ll see them in detail tomorrow~