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Review: Sega’s Miku Hatsune Premium Figure

The schoolyear is over and summer vacation started. I’ll hear whether I passed the year or not in 2 days [‘omg help idk if I passed’ smiley here]. For now, let’s post a review!
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Review: Sega’s Cosplay Konata & Kagami

Just like my previous review, this one will be about two figures originally released as raffle prices by SEGA: Konata and Kagami cosplaying, as they appeared in the Lucky Star OVA. Instead of being given away as some raffle prize here, they’re just sold for quite a low prize!

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Review: Sega’s Waitress Yoko & Nia

Today we’ll take a look at two figures, released as prices for a raffle by SEGA: Yoko and Nia in waitress uniform, both part of the so called Gurren Lagann EX PVC Figure Series 02. Of course, those raffles aren’t held here, but those figures are usually found in stores rather cheaply~ Especially considering the high quality!

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Review: Vignetteum Cute Vocaloid Series

This review is about four chibi Vocaloid figures who are all based on certain songs. They are made by Sega and can be found rather cheaply, but hurry up if you’re looking for them though! They’re already discontinued!
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Christmas Eve

It’s almost Christmas, so that means presents! We don’t really celebrate Christmas around here, so I treated myself on some new figures 😀

The first is a box of boxes! Yes, all little presents for me, right in the spirit of Christmas ;D

I also got those two new Lucky Star OVA EX figures by Sega! I can’t believe they were so cheap, even with this amazing quality 😀

It’s getting late, so I won’t get into detail right now. I’ll leave for today with have A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Limited Edition Kagaboo Manga to be released with figure

Doujin manga-ka Eretto (most famous of her Churuya-chan work) also made a doujin of Lucky Star in which Kagami is a pig: Boo Boo Kagaboo! While most of the comics are free to read on the internet, a real manga will be released on March 10, 2010. The limited edition will be bundled with a 40mm Kagaboo! In comparison, a figma is roughly 3x the size, so it’s the perfect size to place alongside them!


How a typical page in Boo Boo Kagaboo will look like


Review: FREEing’s 1/4 Konata Izumi Gym Uniform Ver.

Okay! With this new setup I finally could take some photo’s of Super Konata with a normal background! It’s a 1/4 scale figure, so she’s HUGE!

Yeah, even though I finally had no problems with the background, I really had a hard time with the lights XD So if the colors are a bit off, you know why 😉
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FREEing Konata arrived~

FREEing Konata? You mean the gashapon?

Or do you mean…

Oh yes.
No, not bought at Amazon, just got shipped in their box XD
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Review: Max Factory’s Haruhi Suzumiya (Gekisou Ver.)

Alright, time to test my new camera! I wanted to do this one earlier, but the photo’s with my old camera were so bad it wouldn’t do justice. It’s time for my favourite PVC figure in my collection: Haruhi Suzumiya Gekisou Version (aka Extravaganza Version).
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New camera GET!

Heh, I had so many photo’s ready for reviews this week, but as usual, they were so blurry I couldn’t really use them. The thing is, my main camera used to be an old Sony Cybershot (one of the first! From back in 2004!) which DOES have a macro, but isn’t really… well… good. I found it hard to believe my iPhone’s 3G 2MP camera actually worked a lot better than the Cybershot, except it didn’t have a macro at all, so it’s useless for figure photography. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I ordered a new camera yesterday, which arrived today: the Canon Powershot SX1 IS!

Following are photo’s with my three camera’s, trying to get as close to the figure as possible without it blurring (except the iPhone, I had to be at least 30cm away for it to be clear, but then it’s not a close up anymore, right?). You can click on the photo’s for their original sizes.

iPhone 3G (no macro – 2MP 1600×1200)
IMG_1079 copy

Sony Cybershot DSC-P73 (macro – 4.1MP 2304×1728)
DSC07228 copy

Canon Powershot SX1 IS (super macro – 10MP 3648×2736) Full size is over 7 megabytes, so loading may take a while!
IMG_0026 copy

All are made right after each other with the same setting (normal daylight through my window). It’s fun to see that the iPhone beats the Cybershot in terms of light, but the lack of macro ruins it. As far as my eyes tell, the Canon wins in every way possible over the other two (which, given the price, is not that surprising I guess).

Lastly, I resized the Cybershot and Powershot photo’s to the size of the iPhone photo (1600×1200) and put the three together for a final comparison.
3 maten

In my opinion, totally worth the money.