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Review: Nendoroid Petit – Fate/Stay Night

Review: Nendoroid Petit - Fate Stay Night

This time, the review will include 12 figures! They are small ones though: it’s the Fate/Stay Night Nendoroid Petit series! Yes, twelve figures, because there is a secret one as well! So watch out if you don’t want to know who the secret is yet, because there’ll be photos of it here!

On a side note, I have only seen the first two episodes of the anime so far, so I only really know Saber and Rin. Don’t expect me to go into detail on all the characters.

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Go Go Power Ranger car!

A new package from Otacute came in today, in just 9 days with SAL! I ordered a Nendo Petit box of the Fate/stay night figures, which I’ll talk about later. For now, let’s see what cool freebie I got with this 😀
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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Limited Edition

Yay, I managed to find a nice deal on the Limited Edition of the newest Zelda game: Spirit Tracks! Yes, the game is pretty cool, but I’m on the 3rd part of the map (of 4) already, so I wonder how long it’ll take before I finish it. Anyway, the limited edition got my attention, because it comes with two figures 😀
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Haruhi Army GO GO GO

Yeah, rainy days, so no proper lighting to make some good photo’s… So I made some photo’s just for fun of my Haruhi army~ It seems I have 10 so far. For all the names etc I’ll direct you to MyFigureCollection, where I’ve linked them all on the right side of the website~
And 7 Haruhi figma 😀 I used the extra head that came with the cheerleader ver. as well as the two bootlegged head I have (I bet you can’t tell which anyway 😉 ). I used the bodies of Yuki, Tsuruya and Ryoko to put the heads on~