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Pokémon Soul Silver GET!

Since Thursday I’m the happy owner of Soul Silver, even though Holland wasn’t supposed to get it yet. There is a problem with some of the copies of Heart Gold, so the games got called back from the stores to fix the problem. Luckely I ordered it online and it already arrived (Soul Silver doesn’t have the problem apparently, only the DUTCH BOXED versions of the PAL ver. Heart Gold).

Hachune Miku immediately started unpacking!
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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Limited Edition

Yay, I managed to find a nice deal on the Limited Edition of the newest Zelda game: Spirit Tracks! Yes, the game is pretty cool, but I’m on the 3rd part of the map (of 4) already, so I wonder how long it’ll take before I finish it. Anyway, the limited edition got my attention, because it comes with two figures 😀
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Four valid reasons for being less active

Well that and school. It was the end of the semester and had to turn in all the assignments at once, so pretty busy two weeks. That being said, I now have some more free time, expect a new figure review soon~!

Speaking of those games. I made myself (male singer/guitarist) and my character Apple (female singer) in Band Hero (for as far as that’s possible with the editor)

Here’s how Apple looks like normally:

Diamond? Pearl? How about some Platinum?

Okay, I’ve been shopping online a LOT the last three weeks. I bought 8 figures off eBay (I’ll post which tomorrow), but also pre-ordered a new game 8D And sure enough, I got a nice envelope of Play-Asia yesterday.

Oooh, what ever could it be?

Well… Pokémon Platinum of course!

*Zelda victory tune*

I started Pokémon Diamond with Chimchar and Pokémon Pearl with Turtwig, so I chose Piplup as my new starter! I’m going to do it a bit differently though, I’m only going to use Water-type Pokémon!

So far I have 3 badges and my team include Prinplup, Gyarados, Golduck and Vaporeon. I’ll most likely include Gastrodon (nice Electic resistance) and Pelipper (only Sinnoh-dex Water Pokémon that can learn Fly I believe).

waterteamHey look! They’re all blue, too! How awesome is that?

It certainly is a lot more challenging! The second gym was Grass-typed. Luckely Prinplup knows Peck and (then) Psyduck knew Confusion for those Grass/Poison types. Gyarados sweeped the floor with everyone thanks to his Dragon Rage (does 40HP damage). It’s going great so far and I’m enjoying this new challenge. I can’t wait for the Battle Frontier though, I trained a lot of Pokémon to Lv100 which are eager to make their appearance on my newest Pokémon game 😀

A NEW Xbox 360?!

“Dear Xbox Customer,

So that you can get back to playing and enjoying your Xbox quicker, we replaced your Xbox console with a replacement unit.”

Yay, and it works, too!

Okay, so basically what they did was replacing my Xbox 360 for a NEW one! The UPS guy picked my 360 up last Monday and I got it back that Friday! Just 4 days! I’m not sure if it’s true but I’ve been told newer Xbox 360’s also make a lot less noise.

That’s not all though:


“Please accept this complimentary one month Xbox Live membership card to as a gesture of our appreciation of you.”

Awesome! You rock, Xbox Customer Service! I lost my Xbox for 4 days and got 1 month of Live in return and it didn’t cost me anything! I didn’t even had to pay for the S&H! I can’t wait for my next RROD 😀

(And I love to use my figma’s to point stuff out XD Expect to see this a LOT here~)

25% of my entertainment died


Oh yes. Here I was, innocently turning on my Xbox 360 to play some GH and Street Fighter… But immediately, I noticed something wasn’t right. Not right at all. I know you only see Mikuru there, but it could have just been me crying there, clinging my noisy white machine. I just didn’t fit in the picture…

Edit: Well, just called support. I’ll have to send it in for them to fix it. Luckily I haven’t modded it or anything, so it’s still under warranty. I’ll only have to pay for S&H on my end. I do wonder how long it’ll take though…