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Yeah I'm not gonna update this anymore

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What I’ve been up to

Hey guys. So it’s been 6 weeks I’ve updated, huh? Well, stuff happened. Just when I thought everything got in line, it got a bit worse and I just haven’t felt like doing an update. I won’t go into details that much, but what it comes down to is that my money has to be spent elsewhere, so I won’t be able to get things I like that often anymore, like video games, Pokémon cards and, of course, figures. I did get a few ‘new’ ones over the past 4 months that I haven’t talked about yet, as you can see above. I’ll try to pump out some new reviews over the coming weeks ’till new year and I’ll have to see then what will happen 🙂 Let’s hope for the best! The order in the photo is also more or less the order I’ll talk about (from right to left, top first). At least I can tell there’ll be a review for Buzz up tomorrow!

Thanks for your patience and continued support! Despite not updating, september and october of this year were my busiest months yet! That, and your comments and feedback is what makes blogging so much fun!