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Let’s Build: Golgo 13’s di:stage

Alright, continuing from yesterday, I will now build the di:stage that is included with figma #42 Golgo 13!
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di:stage-stages ready to print!

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen various stages on the GSC/figma blogs, made by Mikatan, Danny Choo and various other people working for the companies. Now that the first set is released,
they’ve put up some of the prints online last week, and added one more yesterday: the Gamers-store!

You can find them all here on figma’s download page!


Print them out, grab your scissors and have fun!

Golgo 13 and di:stage

Another newly announced figma! It’s Golgo 13! We finally see another male figma in a suit~


This dangerous guy, of the manga that started in the 60’s(!) will be released in August for 3800 Yen! A high price, I know, but that is because it’ll also get shipped with di:stage Basic!


di:stage are DIsplay STAGEs for figma’s and Nendoroids, which’ll you be able to buy starting next August for 580 Yen for the basic set. Instead of the regular bases with one hole, the whole thing is covered with them! They also come with poles and parts to build bigger stages and walls!


Golgo 13 will be released with this awesome room like setting. I wonder if it’s pre-cut, or you get sheets to build it yourself.


I seems they’ll be releasing a lot of backgrounds~ I’m sure there’ll also be a lot of fan created ones as well and I personally can’t wait for them!