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My Room – October 27, 2009

Ugh, I’m so stupid. I still haven’t found a solution to my SD-port problem. I even got an external one, which didn’t work (I don’t think it can read SDHC cards). Then just today, I thought: “Wait, I always used the USB port of my old camera instead of the memstickpro, I wonder if…” And of course, it worked just fine >.<;

Now, instead of a new review (which would take more work), I'll show you guys my room. I always like looking at other people's rooms so I thought I should share mine 😀 First let's look at my room how it looked like 4 YEARS AGO. I was still so young (17) and didn’t have anything anime related in my room, really XD


Now let’s see how my room has changed in the past few years~
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