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Gorillapod GET!!

It’s been a while! Life hasn’t been good lately, stuff has happened which made me in a very bad mood for the past month. It also made my birthday the worst birthday I’ve had so far. Anyway, time to move on, nothing can be changed about it. Let’s take a look at the birthday gifts I got, which were two 🙂

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Let’s fix a figma hand!

Let's fix a figma hand!

As some of you may know, I keep my figma pretty high above ground on a shelf. If one would fall, it would probably get damaged. Luckely the figma stands really help them standing still there. Untill I turned on my fan on max. Duke Togo came tumbling down, bravely holding his sniper rifle. His right hand couldn’t stand the impact and snapped in half.

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Random figma photoshoot

I was taking some pics for the About-page (YES, IT’S FINALLY HERE) at work yesterday and took other pics as well! Just random things I liked to try out~

I bought a little Lucky Star trading figure and thought it would be a fun thing to let all the girls jump out like that “Darlin’ Darlin’ FREEEEEE”-part in the OP. That didn’t work but I think it came out quite nice after all~

Looks like Kyon isn’t a normal guy after all! I had a hard time with those Keyblades, the kept falling XD

This one was annoying >_< I was lying down on the middle of the road and it somehow was quite busy, while you normally rarely see any car on there. Long story short: I had to hurry so it came out all blurry 😦 I do like the setting though~

Review: figma #036 Battle Maid Mikuru

Alright, time for another review~ Let’s take a look at my newest figma: Mikuru Asahina in her battle maid outfit ❤


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Summershots – figma’s

Woo, it’s such nice weather outside~ I do want to show you all the new figma’s I got the last two months, so LET’S GO OUTSIDE AND TAKE SOME PHOTO’S! Right, Haruhi?

"Yeah, let's do this!"

Yeah, let's do this!

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eBay shopping

Okay, I’ve been shopping on eBay for the last few weeks and bought some figurines! I’ll list them in three batches, because I ordered them of two different sellers. Batch 1 and 3 are of the same seller, but it had a week in between, so batch 1 was already sent when I ordered batch 3. Okay, I got a flyer in my mailbox today they tried to deliver  this package. Since no one was home, I have to pick it up at our nearest supermarket (yeah… post offices are gone in Holland, so supermarkets are getting little post offices instead…) I’m guessing it’s Batch 1, but we’ll know for sure tomorrow 😉

Well here they are:

Batch 1:

172figma #003 Saber

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Two new figmas come with cool new extra’s!

Last year, when Max Factory/GoodSMILE Company released #018 Tsuruya-san and #023 Asukura Ryoko, they made them more appealing to include extra heads of other Haruhi characters: Emiri with Tsuruya-san Tanikuchi with Ryoko (to be placed on Kyon’s body). Here’s a photo I took of mine, I used Haruhi and Yuki as substitute bodies, since I don’t own an extra Tsuruya-san or any male figma XD (Well I do own Itsuki now, can’t find Kyon *sob*).

Four(?) hot figma girls

The figmablog officially announced some more extra’s for older characters. Info for the new extra’s after the jump
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