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Review: figma EX001 Konata Izumi Haruhi Cosplay Ver

Alright, it’s time for my 10th review! I managed to get a secondhand Konata Izumi Cosplay edition from someone over at MyFigureCollection! He also lived in Holland, so I could just go pick it up by train 8D

Also, now that I have a new camera that takes quality photo’s, you can click on them for a bigger view.
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New photography setup

Heh, I made new ‘setup’. I used to take my photo’s at work, where there’s decent light at day. However, now that winter is coming, it’s usually too dark when I have time to take some photo’s. Here’s my old setup (old photo):
Looks okay here, nice white light~ No low light though, so you get big shadow area’s. And as I said, it’s only available for a short period of time each day.

Here’s the new setup:
I know, still the cheapest setup ever XD I used an A3 folder for the background and two desklight with semi-transparent paper as light. This works much better as they are both adjustable to remove unwanted shadows~

Also, this is big enough for Super Konata~ (as named by anonymous_object, I like that name XD) However, for my next review, I’ll take a look at another new figure, which you can see in the pic above~ Should be up tonight!

FREEing Konata arrived~

FREEing Konata? You mean the gashapon?

Or do you mean…

Oh yes.
No, not bought at Amazon, just got shipped in their box XD
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New clothes for FREEing’s Lucky Star figures

Now that’s a nice idea, releasing clothes for their figures to wear. In case you do not know, FREEing will release the four main girls of Lucky Star in 1/4 scale! Konata is out and Kagami should be ready to ship in a couple of days. The girls wear real clothes and at Chara Hobby 2009, they announced new costumes for them to wear. I guess this is the closest you can get to Dolfie with normal PVC figures~

I’ve ordered Konata last night in her cute energetic pose~ The girls normally come in gym clothes, but I’m sure to get her cheerleader uniforms as soon as they’ll release it 😀 It seems Hobby Search is sold out, but Archonia still has her (a bit pricey though) or you could look at your own retail stores, or eBay 😉

Anyway, they say she’s the height of three figma’s together. How high is that exactly? Guys! Lift Konata up for me, please!

Now that's legen... wait for it... DARY! Legendary!

Now that's legen... wait for it... DARY! Legendary!

About 35 centimeters, huh? Awesome!

More summer-styled figma’s on their way!

Yeah, we all knew Kagami would also be released, and they made it official yesterday, which means all four main girls will get a release in their blue summer uniforms!

One thing we didn’t see, though, was another new face~ I like it, it like she yells “GTFO” XD

And yes! The extra head will be Misao Kusakabe! I do feel bad for Ayano and Patricia though, I guess we won’t see their heads…

We also saw two other ones appearing on GSC’s homepage: Shirou Emiya and a 3rd version of Saber, in normal clothes instead of her sets of armor.

Kagamiku in Germany

Been to Germany last week and had some fun in the mountains taking pics of Kagamin~

This one is near a ruin (of which I didn't find the name, sadly) on a tree stump. It was actually the only tree stump I could find!

On a bench, watching on top of a mountain. The railing really wasn't there for show, it was high up there.

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Summer Tsukasa and Miyuki figma’s announced

Yeah I’m back, I’ll post some pics later today when I have had some sleep but for now:
Looks like Konata won’t be the only one getting a summer uniform release! Both Tsukasa Hiiragi and Miyuki Takara are announced to make a release in September!
Tsukasa comes with her schoolbag, while Miyuki will include Nyamo, the bodiless cat that you could see in the break in the anime, or in some chapters of the manga!

That’s not all though! Just like Konata, they both will get a head part of new characters! Tsukasa will come bundled with the soon-to-be-mangaka Hiyori Tamura and Miyuki will include one for the silent but polite Minami Iwasaki, who happens to live in the same street as Miyuki.

It’s a given now that we will soon see Tsukasa being rereleased as well, but who will be the head part?
Ayano Minegishi perhaps?

I’m personally rooting Misao Kusakabe~ Who would you like to see?

New figma Konata, finally with =ω=

FINALLY! The one face part missing for Konata was of course her trademark =ω= face, and look at that!


Like Haruhi, Konata is getting a summer uniform release, which will have it. I was of course getting any Konata figma (the other two are so hard to get these days @_@), but this will make it an insta-buy 8D And to make it EVEN BETTER:


It also comes with a Yutaka-head! Let’s hope, if they release Tsukasa, Kagami and Miyuki too, they’ll also add the heads for the other classmates of Yu-chan~

But… isn’t Yu-chan like… a LOT shorter than the other girls? @_@; Ah well… More photo’s right here!

Review: Atelier Sai’s Battle Waitress Mikuru – “Very disapointed”

Alright, summer vacation! Time to do some reviews and I wanted to do this one for a while now. I’ll first explain the title for you: It’s Battle Waitress Asahina Mikuru from the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu series, by Atelier Sai. When I saw her in the box and bought her, it looked so cool! But when I was home and had it on display for a while, I became very disapointed.

Sure! It looks really awesome if you see it like this, but there are some major problems with this one!
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Golgo 13 and di:stage

Another newly announced figma! It’s Golgo 13! We finally see another male figma in a suit~


This dangerous guy, of the manga that started in the 60’s(!) will be released in August for 3800 Yen! A high price, I know, but that is because it’ll also get shipped with di:stage Basic!


di:stage are DIsplay STAGEs for figma’s and Nendoroids, which’ll you be able to buy starting next August for 580 Yen for the basic set. Instead of the regular bases with one hole, the whole thing is covered with them! They also come with poles and parts to build bigger stages and walls!


Golgo 13 will be released with this awesome room like setting. I wonder if it’s pre-cut, or you get sheets to build it yourself.


I seems they’ll be releasing a lot of backgrounds~ I’m sure there’ll also be a lot of fan created ones as well and I personally can’t wait for them!