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Review: Sega’s Miku Hatsune Premium Figure

The schoolyear is over and summer vacation started. I’ll hear whether I passed the year or not in 2 days [‘omg help idk if I passed’ smiley here]. For now, let’s post a review!
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New stuff

Well, as you may have noticed, I got a high level domain name for my blog~ Thanks to my friend Tombo, who also got one, I found out you can buy domains easily via!

I also took some pics of the Vocaloid Petit Nendo’s, but forgot to set up my camera for high quality photo’s =_=;; They’re all 640×480, so I’ll have to redo them. Here’s one so you see how they’ll look like though~ For the background I’m using iTunes sound visualizer |D Looks perfect.

I also FINALLY got Yui figma in the mail. Last time I’m buying from Dendenkwok of eBay. The package was just some wrapping paper and plastic, so the boxes came in all dented. Also, not related to the seller, I took EMS for a change, because Yui is my fav girl in anime at the moment so I wanted her quickly. Still took over 3 weeks to get here.

Figure is of course fine, looks cute right? ❤ More of these soon!

Bonus Photo

How otakuism affects my schoolwork

As you may have noticed, updates have been slow lately. School is killing me, but after next week, I should have plenty of free time~ Actually, I am currently busy with an assignment called “Little Me”. I did it last year already, but the teacher is forcing me to do it again, so I’m making a sequel to the first.


Uh-oh, Miku fell apart! I should put her back together!

Here’s the first frame of the next one, which I just finished:

Now that she’s back together, she needs to go back on my closet, right? Well that’s what I got so far, but the other frames will include running away from angry figma ;D I’ll post it once I finished it, if anyone would like to see it~

Being able to include my hobby in my schoolwork is awesome 8D Another assignment is making a book about some store you’d like to open; I made an otaku store called Otaket. There’s plenty of boring stuff to do as well, but it needs to be done. Expect more updates and reviews at the end of next week~

The Power Of RAW

Now that I have a mini photo studio, I thought of giving the camera (a Canon Powershot SX1) a fair chance. I took some pictures and decided to compare the power of RAW against normal JPEG pictures. And woah, RAW really can make a LOT of difference. I did the following:

1. Take a picture of a figure (in this case Miku… I really should have dusted it off XD; ) in the wrong setting (I chose daylight) in raw.
2. Convert the RAW image to JPEG without changing the settings.
3. Convert the untouched JPEG in Photoshop to make it look right.
4. Convert the RAW image to JPEG with the settings tweaked to make it look right.

Below you see steps 2, 3 and 4. See for yourself why RAW is such a nice feature to have for photography.
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New camera GET!

Heh, I had so many photo’s ready for reviews this week, but as usual, they were so blurry I couldn’t really use them. The thing is, my main camera used to be an old Sony Cybershot (one of the first! From back in 2004!) which DOES have a macro, but isn’t really… well… good. I found it hard to believe my iPhone’s 3G 2MP camera actually worked a lot better than the Cybershot, except it didn’t have a macro at all, so it’s useless for figure photography. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I ordered a new camera yesterday, which arrived today: the Canon Powershot SX1 IS!

Following are photo’s with my three camera’s, trying to get as close to the figure as possible without it blurring (except the iPhone, I had to be at least 30cm away for it to be clear, but then it’s not a close up anymore, right?). You can click on the photo’s for their original sizes.

iPhone 3G (no macro – 2MP 1600×1200)
IMG_1079 copy

Sony Cybershot DSC-P73 (macro – 4.1MP 2304×1728)
DSC07228 copy

Canon Powershot SX1 IS (super macro – 10MP 3648×2736) Full size is over 7 megabytes, so loading may take a while!
IMG_0026 copy

All are made right after each other with the same setting (normal daylight through my window). It’s fun to see that the iPhone beats the Cybershot in terms of light, but the lack of macro ruins it. As far as my eyes tell, the Canon wins in every way possible over the other two (which, given the price, is not that surprising I guess).

Lastly, I resized the Cybershot and Powershot photo’s to the size of the iPhone photo (1600×1200) and put the three together for a final comparison.
3 maten

In my opinion, totally worth the money.

Nendoroid Petit: Vocaloid #01 ready to pre-order

Hobby Search has started taking pre-orders for the upcoming Nendoroid Petit line for 5700 Yen! For the unknowing: The Petit figures all come in random boxes, one big box contain 12 boxes, so 12 figures. Since the series has 10+1 secret, you’ll always have a double. It could also very well be you do not get the whole series, but that’s usually the case. For example, when I ordered a box of 10 Lucky Star figures by FREEing (5+1 secret), I got the four main girls double, and Kuroi-sensei + secret once.

Anyway, let’s so who we’ll get~
We’ll see the 6 official ones: Kaito, Meiko, Luka, Miku, Rin and Len
As well as four fan-made ones: Meiko Sakine, Saihate Miku, Neru Akita and Haku Yowane~

Commercial time!

I really wonder who the secret will turn out to be~


Kagamiku in Germany

Been to Germany last week and had some fun in the mountains taking pics of Kagamin~

This one is near a ruin (of which I didn't find the name, sadly) on a tree stump. It was actually the only tree stump I could find!

On a bench, watching on top of a mountain. The railing really wasn't there for show, it was high up there.

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Off to America

Less than six hours from now, I’ll be leaving for my vacation to America, so don’t expect any updates XD I will take three figures with me, for some fun photo’s (if I manage)

I chose Nendoroid Penguin, because she’s my fav, Nendoroid Miku, because she’s easy to put down and figma Haruhi Summer, because I have six different faces for her~

Anyway, I’ll try to upload some pics to Twitpic whenever I have internet, which you can find here! They should appear in the Twitter widget on the site of this blog, or you can just follow me on Twitter 😉

Have a fun two weeks, see you soon~

Review: #33 Nendoroid Hatsune Miku + Petit Nendo Miku (and eBay bootleg compare)

Okay, it’s time for my first Nendoroid review! I recently got Miku Hatsune: Project DIVA, so I thought she was a fitting character to start with~ I’ll throw in the Petit Nendoroid that game with the game as a bonus~
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Yeah, stuff happened irl, which I won’t get into much detail here. To make up for my inactivity, here’s a photo I took earlier today.


I did get spring batch 3 yesterday (including Len, as you can see), and I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I have time for it!