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Review: figma #036 Battle Maid Mikuru

Alright, time for another review~ Let’s take a look at my newest figma: Mikuru Asahina in her battle maid outfit ❤


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Review: Atelier Sai’s Battle Waitress Mikuru – “Very disapointed”

Alright, summer vacation! Time to do some reviews and I wanted to do this one for a while now. I’ll first explain the title for you: It’s Battle Waitress Asahina Mikuru from the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu series, by Atelier Sai. When I saw her in the box and bought her, it looked so cool! But when I was home and had it on display for a while, I became very disapointed.

Sure! It looks really awesome if you see it like this, but there are some major problems with this one!
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Summershots – figma’s

Woo, it’s such nice weather outside~ I do want to show you all the new figma’s I got the last two months, so LET’S GO OUTSIDE AND TAKE SOME PHOTO’S! Right, Haruhi?

"Yeah, let's do this!"

Yeah, let's do this!

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Fake figma alert! Let’s compare it to the real one~

Yep, I also fell victim to those cheap cheap deals on eBay 😦 When I bought figma Mikuru Asahina Cheerleader Version, I though “Well, it’s fairly new. No way they already faked this!” I was very, very wrong. When I first saw it I was like “Hmm, it doesn’t look as bad as some cheap bootleg of PVC figures I’ve seen” and to be honest it isn’t even THAT bad. However, when I got a REAL one (of a seller I’ll always trust), I noted some differences.


Here they are together! Can you already spot some differences? No? Then read the rest of the entry and I’ll show you how to spot fake figma’s!

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25% of my entertainment died


Oh yes. Here I was, innocently turning on my Xbox 360 to play some GH and Street Fighter… But immediately, I noticed something wasn’t right. Not right at all. I know you only see Mikuru there, but it could have just been me crying there, clinging my noisy white machine. I just didn’t fit in the picture…

Edit: Well, just called support. I’ll have to send it in for them to fix it. Luckily I haven’t modded it or anything, so it’s still under warranty. I’ll only have to pay for S&H on my end. I do wonder how long it’ll take though…

Two new figmas come with cool new extra’s!

Last year, when Max Factory/GoodSMILE Company released #018 Tsuruya-san and #023 Asukura Ryoko, they made them more appealing to include extra heads of other Haruhi characters: Emiri with Tsuruya-san Tanikuchi with Ryoko (to be placed on Kyon’s body). Here’s a photo I took of mine, I used Haruhi and Yuki as substitute bodies, since I don’t own an extra Tsuruya-san or any male figma XD (Well I do own Itsuki now, can’t find Kyon *sob*).

Four(?) hot figma girls

The figmablog officially announced some more extra’s for older characters. Info for the new extra’s after the jump
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