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Spring batch #2 – The photos

So I got TWO packages yesterday! It was like Christmas 8D And sure enough, it had the Xmas clothing included as well~
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Review: figma #18 Tsuruya-san School Uniform Ver.

Hooray, figma finally put the new Tsuruya-san on their website, so I’m going to review the old one! That makes sense, right? Sorta? Oh well… Here’s Tsuruya-san!


Tsuruya-san (last name not known) is a minor character in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, where she is introduced as a friend of Asahina Mikuru. Though not a member of the SOS Brigade, she did help out on various events like the recording of the movie “Mikuru Asahina’s Adventure – Episode 00” and the baseball match. Doujin artist Utsura Uraraka made a super deformed, smoked cheese-crazed, “Nyoro~n”-saying, character of Tsuruya-san, named Churuya-chan, which gave the character a much bigger fanbase.
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Two new figmas come with cool new extra’s!

Last year, when Max Factory/GoodSMILE Company released #018 Tsuruya-san and #023 Asukura Ryoko, they made them more appealing to include extra heads of other Haruhi characters: Emiri with Tsuruya-san Tanikuchi with Ryoko (to be placed on Kyon’s body). Here’s a photo I took of mine, I used Haruhi and Yuki as substitute bodies, since I don’t own an extra Tsuruya-san or any male figma XD (Well I do own Itsuki now, can’t find Kyon *sob*).

Four(?) hot figma girls

The figmablog officially announced some more extra’s for older characters. Info for the new extra’s after the jump
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