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A NEW Xbox 360?!

“Dear Xbox Customer,

So that you can get back to playing and enjoying your Xbox quicker, we replaced your Xbox console with a replacement unit.”

Yay, and it works, too!

Okay, so basically what they did was replacing my Xbox 360 for a NEW one! The UPS guy picked my 360 up last Monday and I got it back that Friday! Just 4 days! I’m not sure if it’s true but I’ve been told newer Xbox 360’s also make a lot less noise.

That’s not all though:


“Please accept this complimentary one month Xbox Live membership card to as a gesture of our appreciation of you.”

Awesome! You rock, Xbox Customer Service! I lost my Xbox for 4 days and got 1 month of Live in return and it didn’t cost me anything! I didn’t even had to pay for the S&H! I can’t wait for my next RROD 😀

(And I love to use my figma’s to point stuff out XD Expect to see this a LOT here~)

25% of my entertainment died


Oh yes. Here I was, innocently turning on my Xbox 360 to play some GH and Street Fighter… But immediately, I noticed something wasn’t right. Not right at all. I know you only see Mikuru there, but it could have just been me crying there, clinging my noisy white machine. I just didn’t fit in the picture…

Edit: Well, just called support. I’ll have to send it in for them to fix it. Luckily I haven’t modded it or anything, so it’s still under warranty. I’ll only have to pay for S&H on my end. I do wonder how long it’ll take though…