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Pokémon TCG

I guess I might as well post it here, since it’s easy to manage~ This page is purely for trying to trade my cards, just so you know.

Okay, here’s my list of cards that I can trade and are tournament legal (modified format), which means D&P Majestic Dawn and newer. All older cards are not allowed in official tournaments and are not listed here. I do have a big stock of older cards, so if you are looking for a particular one, just reply and I can always look it up for you (don’t expect any rares though).

UD: HS Undaunted
UL: HS Unleashed
HS: HeartGold Soulsilver
AR: Platinum – Arceus
SV: Platinum – Supreme Victors
RR: Platinum – Rising Rivals
PT: Platinum
SF: Diamond & Pearl – Stormfront
LA: Diamond & Pearl – Legends Awakened
MD: Diamond & Pearl – Majestic Dawn

RR Lucian’s Assignment
RR Upper Energy

DP50 Arceus x7
HGSS09 Typhlosion (Prime)

UD 86/90 Umbreon (Prime)
HS 106/123 Blissey (Prime)
HS 113/123 Lugia Legend Top
HS 114/123 Lugia Legend Bottom
AR 97/99 Gengar Lv.X
AR 98/99 Salamence Lv.X x3

UD 3/90 Forretress
UD 4/90 Gliscor
UD 9/90 Togekiss
UD 33/90 Raichu
UD 46/90 Drifloon
UD 50/90 Grimer
UL 2/95 Magmortar
UL 6/95 Octillery
UL 26/95 Tyranitar
HS 4/123 Gyarados x2
HS 5/123 Hitmontop
HS 6/123 Jumpluff x2
HS 12/123 Slowking
HS 33/123 Tyrogue
HS 37/123 Corsola x2
HS 46/123 Metapod
AR 1/99 Charizard
AR 2/99 Frosslass
AR 6/99 Mothim
AR 26/99 Porygon-Z
AR 42/99 Haunter
AR 84/99 Buffer Piece
RR 44/111 Lairon

UD 6/90 Magcargo
UD 9/90 Togekiss
HS 1/123 Arcanine
HS 9/123 Quagsire
HS 12/123 Slowking
AR AR2 Arceus G
AR AR3 Arceus R x2
AR AR6 Arceus L
AR AR7 Arceus P
AR AR9 Arceus M
RR 7/111 Jirachi

UD 11/90 Dodrio x2
UD 12/90 Drifblim
UD 13/90 Forretress x2
UD 17/90 Leafeon
UD 18/90 Metagross
UD 19/90 Mismagius
UD 23/90 Vespiquen x2
UL 5/95 Mismagius (Yes, non-holo, from theme deck)
UL 12/95 Beedrill
UL 14/95 Crobat
UL 15/95 Fearow
UL 16/95 Floatzel
UL 18/95 Lanturn
UL 19/95 Lucario x2
UL 21/95 Poliwrath
UL 22/95 Tropius
UL 24/95 Steelix
UL 25/95 Torkoal x2
UL 26/95 Tyranitar
UL 27/95 Ursaring
HS 1/123 Arcanine
HS 15/123 Ariados x2
HS 18/123 Exeggutor x3
HS 19/123 Farfetch’d x3
HS 21/123 Furret x4
HS 24/123 Lapras
HS 27/123 Persian x2
HS 28/123 Pichu
HS 29/123 Sandslash x2
HS 30/123 Smoochum
HS 32/123 Typhlosion
HS 33/123 Tyrogue
HS 34/123 Weezing x3
AR 15/99 Cherrim x4
AR 16/99 Gengar x2
AR 17/99 Gengar
AR 20/99 Hariyama x3
AR 26/99 Porygon-Z
AR 27/99 Raichu x2
AR 30/99 Sceptile
AR 31/99 Sceptile
AR 32/99 Spiritomb
SV 37/147 Mr. Mime
SV 45/147 Solrock
SV 47/147 Wailord x2
RR 15/111 Beedrill
RR 17/111 Drapion 4 x2
RR 33/111 Snorlax
RR 37/111 Yanmega

ALL from Arceus, HeartGold & SoulSilver, HS Unleashed and HS Undaunted. PM me (or ask in the discussion thread) for numbers, but I do have every card at least twice. I also have some doubles of older sets, if you are looking for one in particular, again, PM me or ask in the discussion thread 🙂


HGSS Promos
HGSS01 Ho-Oh
HGSS02 Lugia
HGSS03 Pikachu
HGSS05 Hoothoot
HGSS06 Noctowl
HGSS12 Cleffa
HGSS13 Smoochum
HGSS14 Lapras
HGSS15 Shuckle
HGSS16 Plusle
HGSS17 Minun
HGSS18 Tropical Tidal Wave

HS Undaunted
87/90 Groudon & Kyogre Legend (Top)
90/90 Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend (Bottom)
THREE Alph Lithograph

Pokemon Rumble
7/16 Pikachu

Platinum Arceus
12/99 Zapdos G
94/99 Arceus Lv.X
95/99 Arceus Lv.X
96/99 Arceus Lv.X
99/99 Tangrowth Lv.X
SH11 Ponyta Lv.17
SH13 Bagon Lv.15

Certain Pikachu cards
I’ve been collection all Pikachu cards for a while now. I almost have all regular releases, but I’m still looking for some rare ones and 1st Editions. Please take a look at this file to see which I am still missing.

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