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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Off to America

Less than six hours from now, I’ll be leaving for my vacation to America, so don’t expect any updates XD I will take three figures with me, for some fun photo’s (if I manage)

I chose Nendoroid Penguin, because she’s my fav, Nendoroid Miku, because she’s easy to put down and figma Haruhi Summer, because I have six different faces for her~

Anyway, I’ll try to upload some pics to Twitpic whenever I have internet, which you can find here! They should appear in the Twitter widget on the site of this blog, or you can just follow me on Twitter 😉

Have a fun two weeks, see you soon~

Review: #33 Nendoroid Hatsune Miku + Petit Nendo Miku (and eBay bootleg compare)

Okay, it’s time for my first Nendoroid review! I recently got Miku Hatsune: Project DIVA, so I thought she was a fitting character to start with~ I’ll throw in the Petit Nendoroid that game with the game as a bonus~
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Review: figma #036 Battle Maid Mikuru

Alright, time for another review~ Let’s take a look at my newest figma: Mikuru Asahina in her battle maid outfit ❤


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New figma Konata, finally with =ω=

FINALLY! The one face part missing for Konata was of course her trademark =ω= face, and look at that!


Like Haruhi, Konata is getting a summer uniform release, which will have it. I was of course getting any Konata figma (the other two are so hard to get these days @_@), but this will make it an insta-buy 8D And to make it EVEN BETTER:


It also comes with a Yutaka-head! Let’s hope, if they release Tsukasa, Kagami and Miyuki too, they’ll also add the heads for the other classmates of Yu-chan~

But… isn’t Yu-chan like… a LOT shorter than the other girls? @_@; Ah well… More photo’s right here!

Review: Moeru! Pro no Susume Shaman Suplex

Full name: Moeru! Pro no Susume Shaman Suplex Rikiishi Hotaru VS Chihatan2 Version
AKA:Pro-Wrestling German Suplex Rikiishi Hotaru VS Chihatan2 Ver.
On:Archonia | My Figure Collection

Alright, time for another review and it’s the most perverted one I got so far~!
Even the box is original! You are supposed to look at the figure through the top, instead of the front. You can still look through the front and both sides, but you won’t be seeing much. Time to see what’s inside!

This is an 18+ figure, which means you’ll be seeing the breasts of one of the figures. If you really don’t want to see plastic boobies, then don’t read any further. You’ve been warned~
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Haruhi Army GO GO GO

Yeah, rainy days, so no proper lighting to make some good photo’s… So I made some photo’s just for fun of my Haruhi army~ It seems I have 10 so far. For all the names etc I’ll direct you to MyFigureCollection, where I’ve linked them all on the right side of the website~
And 7 Haruhi figma 😀 I used the extra head that came with the cheerleader ver. as well as the two bootlegged head I have (I bet you can’t tell which anyway 😉 ). I used the bodies of Yuki, Tsuruya and Ryoko to put the heads on~

Review: Atelier Sai’s Battle Waitress Mikuru – “Very disapointed”

Alright, summer vacation! Time to do some reviews and I wanted to do this one for a while now. I’ll first explain the title for you: It’s Battle Waitress Asahina Mikuru from the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu series, by Atelier Sai. When I saw her in the box and bought her, it looked so cool! But when I was home and had it on display for a while, I became very disapointed.

Sure! It looks really awesome if you see it like this, but there are some major problems with this one!
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