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Yui Hirasawa’s Berlin schooltrip

A few weeks ago, I went to Berlin for a week with the Graphic Design department of my school (all the 2nd year students and most of the teachers). While the assignments were pretty much all boring, the evenings were very awesome ūüėÄ To make some interesting pics, I took along Yui. Here are some of my favs:

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Time for snow angels!
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The Power Of RAW

Now that I have a mini photo studio, I thought of giving the camera (a Canon Powershot SX1) a fair chance. I took some pictures and decided to compare the power of RAW against normal JPEG pictures. And woah, RAW really can make a LOT of difference. I did the following:

1. Take a picture of a figure (in this case Miku… I really should have dusted it off XD; ) in the wrong setting (I chose daylight) in raw.
2. Convert the RAW image to JPEG without changing the settings.
3. Convert the untouched JPEG in Photoshop to make it look right.
4. Convert the RAW image to JPEG with the settings tweaked to make it look right.

Below you see steps 2, 3 and 4. See for yourself why RAW is such a nice feature to have for photography.
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Mini Photo Studio

Okay, so I had a lot of trouble making some nice pictures indoors, but I got the solution today: a portable mini studio (if you fold it, it turns into a bag)!

I will do some reviews of the summer uniform Lucky Star figma the coming days and I hope you’ll see some improvement in quality of the photo’s!

New photography setup

Heh, I made new ‘setup’. I used to take my photo’s at work, where there’s decent light at day. However, now that winter is coming, it’s usually too dark when I have time to take some photo’s. Here’s my old setup (old photo):
Looks okay here, nice white light~ No low light though, so you get big shadow area’s. And as I said, it’s only available for a short period of time each day.

Here’s the new setup:
I know, still the cheapest setup ever XD I used an A3 folder for the background and two desklight with semi-transparent paper as light. This works much better as they are both adjustable to remove unwanted shadows~

Also, this is big enough for Super Konata~ (as named by anonymous_object, I like that name XD) However, for my next review, I’ll take a look at another new figure, which you can see in the pic above~ Should be up tonight!

Om nom nom

Sakura shares her noms with you~ What can I say, fries are amazing and I’m sure Pen-chan doesn’t mind eating giant fast food!


…Now I’m hungry 8D

Random figma photoshoot

I was taking some pics for the About-page (YES, IT’S FINALLY HERE) at work yesterday and took other pics as well! Just random things I liked to try out~

I bought a little Lucky Star trading figure and thought it would be a fun thing to let all the girls jump out like that “Darlin’ Darlin’ FREEEEEE”-part in the OP. That didn’t work but I think it came out quite nice after all~

Looks like Kyon isn’t a normal guy after all! I had a hard time with those Keyblades, the kept falling XD

This one was annoying >_< I was lying down on the middle of the road and it somehow was quite busy, while you normally rarely see any car on there. Long story short: I had to hurry so it came out all blurry ūüė¶ I do like the setting though~

Review: Kotobukiya’s Konomi Yuzuhara (frilled tube top ver.)


Heh, it took four months before I finally got this figure. Apparently, something went wrong with the shipment… It finally arrived, this cute figure of ToHeart2’s Konomi Yuzuhara, a 1/7 scale figure by Kotobukiya! Since I got her now, here’s a review!
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I choose you, Giratina!


Just got back from Pokémon Day here in Holland! They had the special Regigigas downloadable which was the main reason I went 8D To my surprise, the goodiebag contained the figure of Giratina, which you could previously only get if you pre-ordered Pokémon Platinum (as far as I know, anyway)!

Remember the fake Mikuru and Haruhi figma’s I got? Well, I colored one of the baseballs to a Pok√© Ball, and glued it to one of the hands~

Kagamiku in Germany

Been to Germany last week and had some fun in the mountains taking pics of Kagamin~

This one is near a ruin (of which I didn't find the name, sadly) on a tree stump. It was actually the only tree stump I could find!

On a bench, watching on top of a mountain. The railing really wasn't there for show, it was high up there.

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